For nearly 30 years, we’ve been passionate about helping New Zealanders live naturally healthier lives. When the HealthPost journey began in 1988, the natural health industry was a collection of people offering natural alternatives to early adopters. Now, over half a million kiwis are seeking more natural solutions, the science has developed, and there are many ‘natural’ products available in mainstream stores.

Over the past three decades we’ve strived to stay at the forefront and constantly improve our range of natural health products. As the natural health industry has evolved, we’ve noticed a blurring of the lines of what is ‘natural’. It’s difficult for customers to know whether they’re making the best choice for themselves and the planet. This realisation led us to critique our range, weeding out those products that aren’t as naturally healthy as we believe they should be.

Our goal is to be the most trusted source of natural products in New Zealand (and the world), and we take your trust seriously.  We introduce to you our Good Ingredients Promise – a promise that anything you buy from HealthPost meets certain natural, environmental and ethical standards.

Our Good Ingredients Promise removes the guesswork in making a natural, healthy and ethical choice. You can trust that the HealthPost range is free from any nasty chemicals or activities that don’t meet our strict criteria for what a natural, healthy product should be. As a start that means…

  • No BHA or Triclosan
  • No harmful chemical UV absorbers
  • No DEA, MEA, TEA
  • No DEET
  • No formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasing preservatives
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No parabens
  • No PEGs
  • No Propylene glycol
  • No SLS or Coco Lauryl Sulfate
  • No animal testing
  • No microbeads

The only exception is our range of natural hair dyes as there are no 100% natural and effective options. We highlight this so our customers are aware and have a choice.

We’re proud to be setting the benchmark for integrity in natural health in New Zealand and beyond. And we’re committed to being a driving force for positive change, to support both a better you and a better world.

Want to know more? View our full Red List of potentially harmful chemical ingredients that you won’t find at HealthPost.

Lucy & Abel
Executive Director and CEO