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Meno-Life - 24hr Menopause Support

60 capsules
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Mindful Brand Nutra-Life is a Mindful Brand. They’re committed to meaningful change that looks after our people and planet. Learn more

Nutra-Life Meno-Life Day + Night formula combines two separate capsules – a white, vege capsule for use during the day and a clear vege capsule for use at night time. Each capsule is specially formulated with ingredients used in traditional Western herbal practice to provide support during menopause. The day formula contains ingredients which may support temperature balance while the night formula contains ingredients which give support during restlessness and support sound sleep.

Both capsules contain Soy isoflavones (a type of phytoestrogen), Red clover, Wild yam, Dong quai, Chaste tree, Black cohosh and the minerals Magnesium and Calcium. The day formula has added St John’s Wort and Siberian ginseng, while the night formula has added Valerian and Passionflower.

Nutra-Life Meno-Life™ Day + Night may help:

  • Support for temperature balance, restlessness and a sound sleep
  • Aid sleep

  • In very rare cases, Black cohosh has been associated with liver failure. If you are experiencing yellowing of the skin or whites of your eyes, dark urine, nausea, vomiting, unusual tiredness, weakness, stomach or abdominal pain, and/or loss of appetite, you should stop using this product and see your doctor.
  • If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. 
  • St John’s Wort affects the way many prescription medicines work, including the oral contraceptive pill. Consult your doctor.
TAPS NA10322

Adults: Take 1 White Day Formula capsule in the morning with food, and 1 Clear Night Formula capsule before bedtime or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Each combined DAY + NIGHT Capsule Daily Dose Provides: 

Herbal extracts equiv. dry:
Glycine max (Soy bean) seed 16g Stand. Equiv. Soy isoflavones 40mg
Trifolium pratense (Red clover) herb top flowering 300mg
Dioscorea villosa (Wild yam) root & rhizome 500mg
Angelica polymorpha (Dong quai) root  1g
Vitex agnus-castus (Chaste tree) fruit  500mg
Actaea racemosa (Black cohosh) root & rhizome 1g
Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s Wort) herb top flowering 250mg
Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian ginseng) root  150mg
Valeriana officinalis (Valerian) root  1g
Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower) herb 50mg

Magnesium (as oxide) 80mg
Calcium (as citrate) 117mg

Alson contains: Encapsulating aids, colours, flavour.

Formulated Without: Gluten, animal products, dairy products, egg, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners, preservatives.
  • Menopause support around the clock
  • Tailored separate day and night formula
  • Support for tempertaure balance, restlessness and a sound sleep

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03-09-2020 10:01:28
Less mood swings
03-09-2020 10:01:28
For me I’ve noticed less mood swings, better sleep and zero breast pain! I stoped taking event primrose too so was surprised how well it worked

Donna McFerran
11-12-2019 19:30:04
11-12-2019 19:30:04
Took ths product as harmony for menopause, harmony max and harmony day and night did not relieve my menopause systems at 55 yrs old \n menolife was similar to Good health femone I took for 9 yrs ths was taken off market few yrs ago .\nI found menolife not such a good product last 12 months was getting alot of night sweats dripping wet head to toe every night and hot flushes upsets during day and nite .\nNot easy to find the right menopause product with soy based.\n

04-03-2019 18:12:20
This product is fabulous!
04-03-2019 18:12:20
For some reason I tried a different product and was soon having hot sweats and feeling down - switched back to this and within days both of those symptoms had disappeared - great product :)

19-01-2019 17:06:55
Good soy based menopause remedy but no vitamin.d or withania .
19-01-2019 17:06:55
I hope this product helps menopause soya based products are the beat - but sadly on.key ingredients missing in it things a female needs vitamin D , a lot of menopause herbal remdies have the added to it along with withania ( maybe these two products could be added to it to make it a could product similar to one that was discontinued yrs ago ( good health femone) I found after few yrs harmony doesnt control hot flushes nights sweats ay all why I changed back to soy based )..

05-06-2018 18:54:22
Do your homework on symptons for best result
05-06-2018 18:54:22
Popped into menopause with hot flashes. After a week i ordered meno life. Was lucky. 24hrs stopped n no meno symps since. I do have clean diet n life. This helps i am sure. I research carefully so I make best choice for my own body needs

19-05-2018 19:24:43
Good nights sleep
19-05-2018 19:24:43
I have only been on them a week as I use to take the hard stuff from the meno pause centre which has become to expensive for me, I do still have the flushes but there no longer soaking wet, much milder and the best difference is that I am now sleeping much better have had at least a few nights of 8 to 10 hours sleep, been a long time since I got this , will keep u posted as time goes on

09-04-2018 17:47:11
Fantastic product!!!
09-04-2018 17:47:11
This product has changed my life! My mood is settled. Hot flushes are minimal now. Nights are more restful, and less hot flushes. Hot flushes are without perspiration. The price is so reasonable too. I highly recommend giving this product a go.

30-12-2017 21:40:38
30-12-2017 21:40:38
Since re-branding 2 to 3 months ago and changing the day formula from red capsules to white it simply does not work! No relief to any menopausal symptoms.

13-11-2017 15:47:00
Didn't work for me
13-11-2017 15:47:00
Don't work for me at all. Have been taking them for over 1 month now. Will not use them again.
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