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Tui Balms

Warming & Easing Balm

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Tui Warming & Easing Balm is a powerful and effective natural alternative offering support for those who experience chronic pain, especially before and after sporting or other physical activities. The active herbal ingredients are traditionally renowned for helping soothe muscular stiffness and joint discomfort. May also help support in the management of arthritis, rheumatism and poor circulation.

Intended for spot work (commonly used in this way by professional practitioners for deep tissue work). Use with care, especially around the eyes as the powerful active ingredients can occasionally cause allergic reactions. Also take care if having a hot shower after application.

  • Do not apply to broken or infected skin. 
  • Avoid eyes.
  • For external use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • May create intense warming of the skin, especially overnight or under a hot shower.

Apply: To skin and massage.
Olive oil (Olea europeae)
Beeswax (Cera alba)
Black pepper (Piper nigrum) essential oil
Cajuput (Melaleuca leacadendron) essential oil
Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) essential oil
Dementholated peppermint (Mentha piperita) essential oil
Capsicum oil (Capsicum annum) essential oil
Ginger (Zinger officinalis) essential oil
Vitamin E (mixed tocopherol T70)
Arnica oil (Arnica montana)
  • Great for massage spot work
  • For warming before & after physical activities
  • Soothe muscular stiffness

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29-06-2020 15:33:05
29-06-2020 15:33:05
A good balm to have for muscle tightness and stiff joints. For me the balm didn't cause irritation or tingling

01-12-2019 19:30:10
Excellent healing balm.
01-12-2019 19:30:10
I had a very sore shin that was painful when I was walking and I walk to work every day. After using this product for a couple days it had cleared up so was very happy. A good product to have in the medicine cabinet.

07-11-2019 19:30:10
Great product
07-11-2019 19:30:10
Excellent product for me. I have FM and I have found this product helps with my frequent aches and pains. I usually put in on and then have a hot shower. The heat generated is absolutely blissful. Will continue to purchase

Extremely distressed
22-03-2019 11:45:04
Update on my previous review
22-03-2019 11:45:04
I wrote the negative review, listed below. I would like to add a few things: Healthpost were very helpful and positive to deal with. They sent me a replacement. While the balm is not quite as hot (less heating power) than it formerly was, it will suit most people. I have a number of health issues and I need a very strong heat. I will continue to buy this product as to date I have not found any other similar product that is of such high quality. Don't be put off by my bad review. This is a great product. The quality is second to none. Most members of my family use it, too.

15-01-2019 01:44:24
Tui warming and easing balm
15-01-2019 01:44:24
I have taken to massaging the balm in after manipulating my clients spines which is relaxing and soothing. To date I have not had a complaint.

Extremely distressed by this second-rate product
03-09-2018 05:13:22
03-09-2018 05:13:22
I have been using Tui balm (Warming and Easing balm) since 2011, when a relative sent me a jar of it. I have physical disabilities and I am very susceptible to the cold. During the colder months, I apply Tui Balm (to the neck and chest) two to three times a day, to keep out the cold, to insulate me. Heating the house is not enough; I need this product, too. I use it for months, every year. I rely on this product (and various other health products) to keep me out of hospital. Two winters ago, I had pneumonia and shingles (at the same time) for six months. I don’t want to go through that again. My last jar of Tui balm was sent to me by a relative (a couple of months ago). She bought it from her local health shop, in NZ. The balm was a dark orange colour and it heated the body exceptionally well, the warmth lasting many hours. I recently bought a large jar (300ml) from Healthpost. There were problems with the delivery and it took a long time for me to receive it. I ran out of Tui balm and began to become ill. Finally, my order arrived. BUT this new jar contains balm that is a very pale yellow colour. It barely heats the body at all. The effects are not long-lasting. I have to apply a thick coat of it (rather than a thin spread, which usually suffices). Even then, it doesn’t work properly. The balm is only lukewarm – not hot. As I have to use a larger amount of it each time, the jar will run out twice as fast as usual. I CANNOT AFFORD THIS EXPENSE. This is unacceptable. As I type this, I can feel cold air on my body – yet I applied Tui Balm only an hour ago. Why is the manufacturer skimping on the ingredients that give the warming effect? This is appalling. How cheap can you get??? How can a body-heating product that barely warms you, be sold to the public? This is misleading advertising. Why is there no quality control of the products? How can one jar of balm be dark orange and with a strong heat, while another jar of it is very pale and barely warms you at all? This is not the first time my jar of Tui balm has turned out to be pale and inferior. It has happened at least twice before. Until now, I have given the manufacturer the benefit of the doubt; maybe it was just a mistake. It is now clear to me that it is not a mistake, Mistakes happen once. Not regularly. My only income is the Disability Pension. I literally spent my last $50 to buy the jar of Tui Balm. Any spare money is spent on my health, to keep me out of hospital. I am distressed. Very upset. I feel ripped off: I cannot believe I now have a 300 ml jar of a pale, lukewarm product that doesn't work properly, when I paid for a product that gives strong heat. If some customers have complained that the Tui Balm heats the body too much, there should be two products: a mild warming balm and a strong warming balm, and they should be sold for the same price. At no time was I given the option of a mild, lukewarm balm. Healthpost, I don’t like writing a bad review as I think you are a very good company. I like the way you donate to charities and you seem to be genuine people. I have recommended you to many people. If you have received no other bad reviews of this product, it might be because other customers do not need a strong warming balm and their health is not so precarious. Or maybe they don't care if the product quality is unreliable. This time, I cannot say nothing. I rely on consistent quality and efficacy of all of the health products I use. My health depends on it. This jar of Tui balm is not up to the usual standard, not by a long shot, and this is not a minor matter. It is placing my health in danger. Healthpost, please contact me about this. At the moment, I feel I have no choice but to spread the word about this. It's just not good enough. HealthPost Response: "We are sorry to hear of your experience, we have spoken with the supplier and would like to re-assure you that Tui Balms do have strict quality control measures to ensure that the level of active capsicum is consistent from batch to batch. The colour of the capsicum oil does vary seasonally, however Tui ensure that each batch doesn't exceed a certain threshold of red colour (due to potential staining of clothing). The colour does not relate to heat intensity. The experience of the heat in this product is very subjective and varies for each individual."

11-07-2017 16:19:55
The balm is very well proven !
11-07-2017 16:19:55
I woke up in the morning with a pain in my neck. I thought after some time will pass, but the pain only increased, especially when turning the neck. I applied balm three times a day for two days. Due to the warming and therapeutic effect, the pain decreased. Only two days and I'm okay !!! I highly recommend .

06-09-2016 13:10:10
06-09-2016 13:10:10
Hurt my lower back, 2 days after massage with this and pain has gone (took over a week last time without balm) husband uses it on sore heel and finds it great too. Don't rub your eyes with your hands! definitely recommend this balm

31-05-2015 21:36:27
best sore body product ever!!!
31-05-2015 21:36:27
love this stuff and so does all my family!!!!!
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