Chats with Celine: Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Therapist, and founder of Sattva Soul

Celine Wallace founder of Sattva Soul

We’re thrilled to welcome Celine Wallace, Ayurvedic Practitioner and founder of Sattva Soul to our Expert Panel. Celine shares with us how she found her way to Ayurveda, her vision to support women’s holistic wellness, what it means to be a Mindful Brand, and how she cultivates balance.

Hi Celine, we'd love to hear more about who you are and what Sattva Soul is all about?

Thank you so much for having me! I'm, by definition, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Therapist, and the founder of Sattva Soul, Yoga and Ayurvedic women's retreats, and Sattva Soul Supplements, organic Ayurvedic supplements. But really, I'm a bit of a goofball, optimist, and adventurous human, which led me down this path.

At Sattva Soul, we are an all-inclusive women's community that focuses on transformational retreats and premium stress support supplements. The focus is to bring women transformational tools to change their lives and reprogram their physiology and psychology through thought-leading workshops, offering new lifestyle practices and physical support through organic herbs.

Why did you start Sattva Soul?

I created  Sattva Soul through my own health journey, which began after living and working in the Hollywood film industry for over a decade. I reached burnout, physically collapsed, and then ended up on a life-long journey to cure myself and heal my nervous system. I uprooted my life from LA by moving to Bali, India, and Sri Lanka to study holistic medicine with the best teachers.

After healing myself, I felt the soul calling to share what I'd learned with other women. I thought every woman should have access to these ancient healing practices before they reached burnout and without traveling to the other side of the world to find answers. From there, Sattva Soul Retreats began, which has now transformed into Sattva Soul Supplements.

What areas of holistic health are you most passionate about?

All of them! I don't think any wellness practice is obsolete, as they are all interwoven. And as they say in Ayurveda, we need to live within the laws of nature and keep it simple. Our physical apparatus is the vehicle we have for this lifetime, so I nourish mine with sleep, sunlight, earthing, exercise, diet, fresh air, and ocean swims in nature which is essential. I then take care of the mental body using meditation, journaling, reading, inspirational podcasts, and healthy relationships with boundaries.

Essentially, health to me is being happy and free in my physical, mental and spiritual body, as one cannot exist without the other.

As one of our Mindful Brands, we'd love to understand more about your ethical values, particularly in the area of transparency.

I love this topic and think it's great that it's becoming more common! The conversation around a brand’s supply chain needs to be transparent with customers to make an informed decision around what they are buying.

At  Sattva Soul Supplements, we support farms in India to grow our plants organically, sustainably, and seasonally in the land where that plant is native.

A transparent and ethical supply chain can make a huge difference to the integrity of the plant. I have seen plants grown in the country vs city, and organic vs non-organic. When a plant is grown outdoors in the country with fresh air and in the native land of the plant it is a very different result to one grown under artificial light in a factory.

That is why we work with only organic farms in India that have been harvesting these plants for generations to bring the best quality herbs and support the local community.

We’re also committed to reducing waste – our products come in recycled glass, and we love reusing them for spice jars, brush holders, and other useful household items.

Why have you chosen to partner with HealthPost? 

When I was growing up in NZ, my Mum bought supplements from HealthPost. I always thought of you as an industry leader, so when life took me down the path of creating my own products, HealthPost was first on my vision board. And here we are, and I'm honored to be working with such an amazing team!

What's coming up for you at Sattva Soul this year?

I have an exciting year ahead; Sattva Soul Retreats and Sattva Soul Supplements are merging into one company -  Sattva Soul. Two sold-out women's retreats are commencing this first half of the year, more to be announced soon. I'm working with more one-on-one Ayurvedic clients now that the supplements are underway and creating my first Ayurvedic online course. Sattva Soul Supplements also has 7 new patents for organic Ayurvedic products set to release, so there are many things to stay tuned for!

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

Travel and to reconnect with the Sattva Soul women's community!

As Sattva means balance in Sanskrit, we'd love to hear how you bring more balance into your life?

I mentioned above that for me, it's essential to be looking after my physical, mental, and spiritual body as much as possible, but true Sattva for me is to just be happy, learn to let go and enjoy the present moment of life. Sometimes we have such rigid standards or perfectionistic tendencies. We twist ourselves in circles around goals and don't enjoy the journey, but in fact, life isn't in the future or once we've reached a goal.

Every morning, I ask myself, 'What does happiness look like today, at this moment?' Is it sleep, a hug, good food, a warm drink, and a glass of wine? And so on, but that's how I find my balance, tuning into my alignment and highest vibration in the present moment and asking my highest self what I need. As I see it, the best we can be is here, present in this moment, and that is life and Sattva.

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