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With more of us wanting to shop smarter, shop sustainably and put our hard-earned dollar into brands that give back, making mindful choices is more important than ever – and with our  Mindful Brands, conscious consumers (like you!) can make choices that align to your ethical values.

Whether it means shopping more locally, looking out for brands that use eco-friendly packaging or supporting brands that are B Corp certified, there’s plenty of feel-good reasons to shop mindfully for your health, for our community and for our planet. With your values in mind, let’s look at 5 simple ways to shop more mindfully.

1. Choose local 

Love local? For mindful shopping that gives back to your community, locally made brands are a great place to start. Whether you want to have a lighter carbon footprint or make more ethical shopping decisions, there’s much to love about shopping locally. From regenerative farming practices, sourcing quality ingredients or minimising their environmental impact, discover new favourites with these  10 best-loved Kiwi brands –including top picks to support your wellness goals.

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2. Choose brands that put our planet first

If shopping greener is important to you, our Environmentally Sustainable brands have you covered. For mindful shopping that doesn’t cost the earth, you’re sure to love these eco-conscious brands. From sourcing certified organic ingredients to going carbon-neutral and actively reducing their carbon footprint, feel good about where you’re putting your dollar with brands that put the health of our planet first.

4 questions you can ask brands about environmental sustainability: 

When it comes to ensuring your brands are making conscious decisions for our planet, consider asking the following: 

  1. In what ways are they using their brand to improve the health of our planet? 
  2. Does the company have a sustainability programme? If they do, this should be available on their website. 
  3. Do they partner with any environmental organisations? 
  4. How do they measure their impact on our environment?
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3. Choose brands that use planet-friendly packaging

Care about packaging that’s planet-friendly? From diligently diverting landfill waste to using recyclable materials and send-back or refill initiatives, our Eco Packaging brands go above and beyond to ensure their packaging is sustainable in nature – so you can continue to shop mindfully and feel good about it too.

For some easy eco swaps in your everyday, you can make a start by reusing glass jars to store household goods (for smaller jars, we recommend filling them with nuts & seeds for easy snacking) or larger jars for meal prep or storing makeup brushes. 

Keen to understand different packaging pros and cons, and smarter ways to reuse? See how your favourite  product’s packaging measures up with our go-to guide, or discover 15 smart ways to reuse beauty pots and pantry jars.

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4. Choose brands that take care of the wellbeing of people

When it comes to putting people first, our Socially Responsible brands make it easy. For mindful shopping that supports the wellbeing of others, you’re sure to appreciate these wonderful brands. Whether it’s through community initiatives and charity commitments or adopting fair-trade practices and paying their team a living wage, caring for our community is at the heart of these brands.

5 questions to ask brands about social responsibility: 

Want to know what you can do to ensure your favourite brands look after their people? Start with asking them important questions like... 

  1. Does the company have a social responsibility policy? If they do, you should be able to find it easily on their website. 
  2. Do they confirm that they don’t use child or slave labour in the sourcing of their ingredients? 
  3. Do they have relationships directly with farmers/growers or go through a broker? 
  4. Do they have any charity commitments? What are they? 
  5. Do they pay staff a living wage?
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5. Choose B Corp brands

For the ultimate mindful shopping, B Corp brands are the best of the best. Balancing profit and purpose, B Corp brands meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. They make a legal commitment to consider the wider impact of their decisions so they can continue creating a positive difference on both people and planet.

Making it even easier to shop by your values, B Corp brands lead the way in being a greater force for good. From clean beauty and eco-living to natural health and nourishing drinks, we share 10 B Corp brands you can feel good about backing – and the impact they’re creating for a healthier world. And every time you shop with us you're making a healthy choice - we're proud to be B Corp certified and New Zealand's leading ethical wellness retailer. 

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When it comes to your ethical values, finding simple ways to shop more mindfully is key. Whether it’s giving back to your community or making a positive difference on people and planet, these Mindful Brands are here to give you a helping hand along the way.

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