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Love local? Whether you want to have a lighter carbon footprint or give back into your local community, shopping local is a wonderful way to shop by your ethical values. 

From regenerative farming practices, to minimising their environmental impact and sourcing the best quality ingredients, these Kiwi brands care about the finer details and are committed to positive change for people and planet. 

We’ve rounded up Kiwi brands who are also  Mindful Brands, meaning they’re committed to one or more of our following Mindful Values:

If you want to start making more mindful choices every day – choosing local is a great place to start. 

Let’s meet 10 of our most-loved mindful, Kiwi brands

The Herb Farm - woman picks at leaves

1. BePure

Passionate about helping Kiwis get the most out of their health, BePure’s range of supplements are formulated with ingredients that help your body thrive. They use bioavailable ingredients that are in their most active form, making them easier to absorb and better for your health.

Vitamin D Restore

Top pick: Vitamin D Restore

From healthy bones to a good mood and a thriving  immune system, BePure’s Vitamin D Restore is an everyday wellness essential. Small but mighty, this daily dose of liquid sunshine is made using naturally sourced coconut MCT oil and vitamin D - superb for supporting your immune health all year round.

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2. Artemis

Dunedin-based company Artemis combines traditional formulations with science, bringing you plant-powered teas, supplements and liquids to support your wellness goals. Their range is sustainably grown and wild harvested from the alpine environments of Central Otago.


Top pick: Virogone

Nurture a healthy immune system with Artemis Virogone. Formulated with ingredients like  Echinacea and Olive Leaf, this tasty liquid offers fast-acting support against ills and chills. Suitable to take every day and well-loved for its support on your immune system.

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3. Lifestream

Specialising in plant-based wellness, Lifestream is passionate about providing quality supplements that are pure,  organic and GMO-free. What started out in a garage in Auckland has turned into a global business backed by ethical values. Whether it’s sustainably sourcing their ingredients or using sugar-cane plastic, Lifestream is here to nourish.

Barley Grass Certified Organic

Top pick: Barley Grass Certified Organic

This highly nutritious barley grass powder makes a terrific addition to your daily routine. Packaged in renewable sugar cane and grown sustainably in Canterbury, it’s a superb source of wholefood goodness. From all round support for  digestion, balanced pH levels, and good energy, it’s a great plant-based option for everyone – even your furry friends!

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4. Antipodes

Inspired by nature’s beauty, Antipodes is passionate about skincare that helps your skin thrive. Using native New Zealand ingredients that are carefully sourced, their range of plant-based formulas are certified organic and  vegan friendly.

Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream

Top pick: Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream

Featuring native ingredients like  manukā honey and superstar antioxidant Vinanza Grape - which is sustainably sourced from the Yealands vineyards in Marlborough, this lush day cream is wonderful for supporting a healthy complexion.

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5. BioBalance

Operating out of beautiful Mohua Golden Bay in the South Island, BioBalance is passionate about providing premium quality supplements, superfoods, and skincare backed by ethical values. What’s more, BioBalance were the first natural health brand in NZ and Australia to become B Corp certified.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

Top pick: Organic Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

Cold-pressed and grown organically, BioBalance’s Organic Hemp Seed Oil Capsules are your daily dose of omegas in one easy-to-take capsule. Extracted from the seeds of New Zealand grown hemp, these capsules offer all-round support for your  joints, skin, heart and brain. Processed with minimal exposure to heat, light and oxygen, enjoy hemp seed oil in its purest form with this nourishing choice.

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6. Tui Balms

Another local favourite from Mohua Golden Bay, Tui Balms provides premium quality creams and massage balms suitable for all, packed with ingredients from nature. Donating all profits to NZ charities, Tui Balms is committed to doing their bit for a healthier world.

Bee Balm

Top pick: Bee Balm

Made using a blend of organic New Zealand beeswax and botanical oils, Bee Balm is a loving choice for your skin. It’s natural and gentle ingredients make it fantastic for your little ones’ nappy rash, and it also doubles as an excellent everyday skin conditioner. Moisturise dry or tired skin, soothe grazes or sunburn, or use it as an aftershave – the options are endless with this multi-purpose household essential.

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7. BioHoney

Based in Nelson, BioHoney was founded on the passion of sustainable beekeeping and our beautiful South Island. Giving their bees the perfect habitat to live, BioHoney carefully crafts their raw honey using ethical and sustainable methods that put hardworking bees and our environment first.

Blue Borage Honey

Top pick: Blue Borage Honey

For quality honey that ticks all the boxes, you can’t go past BioHoney’s Blue Borage Honey. Found near streams and dry riverbeds, blue borage is a native New Zealand wildflower found in the South Island. Delicately harvested in the Kaikoura Ranges and collected straight from the hive, this honey has a very sweet, herbal butterscotch flavour to it. It tastes delightful as a sweetener in baked goods or when mixed into your favourite hot drink – comforting cup of  cacao anyone?

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8. Chantal Organics

From sunny Hawke’s Bay, Chantal Organics’ is a nourishing choice for every household. Made for your everyday breakfast, healthy snacks, baking and more, their growing range is not only delicious, but it’s good for you too. Better yet, it’s good for our planet too – using sustainable, organic farming practices to nourish their soil and reduce their CO2 footprint.

Apple Syrup

Top pick: Apple Syrup

Made with nothing but the goodness of organic New Zealand apples, Chantal Organics Apple Syrup is a pantry essential. Grown in healthy soil that’s free from synthetic sprays and pesticides, this refined  sugar-free alternative is versatile too. Not only does it add a creative kick to savoury dishes, but it tastes delightful in desserts and sweet treats. Spruce up a tray of roast veg by drizzling this syrup on top or add it to sparkling water and enjoy it as a refreshing summer spritzer – how easy!

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9. Wild Dispensary

Based in Dunedin, Wild Dispensary is a local favourite – and it’s easy to see why. Crafted using sustainably harvested native herbs like Kawakawa and Horopito, their range of herbal tonics are superb for supporting your everyday wellness.

Liver Bitters

Top pick: Liver Bitters

On top of offering impressive support for a healthy liver, this all-rounder tonic is fantastic for supporting healthy  digestion and balanced hormones. Formulated with ingredients like calendula and manukā, Liver Bitters offers daily support for your overall health and is a great option for the whole family (ages 6 and up).

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10. The Herb Farm

Last but certainly not least, The Herb Farm is a Kiwi owned skincare brand that's sure to become a new favourite. Running as a ‘farm-to-face' skincare brand, their products are produced with minimal environmental impact, while embracing the use of locally sourced ingredients which work wonders on your skin.

Calendula Lavender Lip Balm

Top pick: Calendula Lavender Lip Balm

The Herb Farm’s Calendula Lavender Lip Balm is a nourishing choice for your lips and for our planet. Featuring botanical oils like tamanu and comfrey, this lip balm is a superb option for lips that need extra attention. Offering lasting hydration and protection, it’s especially great for keeping handy during colder months.

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When it comes to choosing local, these Kiwi brands make it easy. From supplements and skincare to sweeteners and herbal tonics, support your wellness journey with these best-loved Aotearoa picks.

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