Natural remedies for babies

Yes a happy, healthy baby is something all parents want and dream of. It’s stressful enough when the new born comes along unsettling regular household systems, disrupting sleep patterns, creating the all too familiar baby chaos we love and hate. But amongst all that joy and wonderment we can also come face to face with unfamiliar, frustrating and exhausting conditions babies throw at us. These can cause stress and sleepless nights for both infants and parents as we struggle to understand what they are trying to tell us is wrong and how we can help.

Colic & indigestion are some of those common conditions. Baby colic is synonymous with acute distress to an otherwise healthy child between the ages of two weeks and four months. Colicky children will often cry uncontrollably. They may wake up abruptly and start crying and won’t stop even after being comforted.

While we don’t know exactly why babies suffer from colic, it is thought it could be due to an immature nervous system, food allergies, emotional stress or a developing digestive system. A child’s digestive tract only matures around 12-18 months old so can come under stress as milk, and food are introduced, teething starts and the immune system is put to the test.

Colic can arise due to indigestion or nerve pains in the abdomen. Children can show symptoms like a distended abdomen, flushed face, or be gassy and bloated. They will often pull their knees into the chest, clench their fists or bend forward pressing hard against the stomach. The colic-ridden child can experience some relief after passing gas or emptying of their bowels.

Your paediatrician is always your first port of call during these trying times as you want peace of mind that there aren’t any serious conditions that need medical treatment. Once anything problematic has been ruled out you could try some of the traditional remedies ranging from removing cows milk from the diet, adding fibre, warmth and cuddles to calmative medications.

Another soothing, natural remedy comes in the form of tissue salts. These essential minerals have been used by families across the globe for over 90 years.

Tissue salts are perfectly safe, and an ideal option for infants. The mini tablets quickly dissolve in the mouth or can be mixed with a little water and given using an eye dropper or a small spoon. While mum is nursing the baby, she can take the tissue salts and the properties of this remedy will end up in the breast milk.

Combination remedies are a convenient way of receiving specifically selected minerals for an ailment where more than one tissue salt is required.

A  tissue salt remedy that includes the minerals below may help provide support for your child’s delicate digestive system.

  • Calc Phos (Calcium Phosphate): a constituent of saliva and gastric juices to support the digestive process. This mineral also supports healthy bone and teeth formation.
  • Mag Phos (Magnesium Phosphate): a well know anti-spasmodic to support abdominal discomfort, gas and bloating.
  • Nat Phos (Sodium Phosphate): an acid neutraliser, important for healthy digestive function so reflux, or acidic stools are not problematic.
  • Nat Sulph (Sodium Sulphate): provides liver support and contributes to bile production, both essential for optimum digestion.

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