3 ways to use tahini - your versatile pantry staple

Tahini is a versatile, nutritious ingredient that complements itself well across a range of dishes. Made from ground sesame seeds and packed full of calcium, it’s commonly used as a delicious spread, dip or dressing.

After easy, simple ways to incorporate this feel-good ingredient in your everyday? Here’s three ways to get started:

1) Baked or raw treats:

It’s sweet treats galore when tahini makes an appearance. Whether it’s cookies, brownies, slices, cakes... You name it, tahini is a great addition. Not only does tahini provide a generous dose of healthy fats, but it adds a richness to any treat you’re serving up too.

2) Spruce up salad dressings:

Creamy, droolworthy salads that leave you wanting more? Whether it’s mixed into homemade dressing or enjoyed on its own, tahini adds a tasty twist to your favourite healthy meals.

3) Antioxidant-rich smoothies:

All about smoothies? For a healthy buzz, add a spoonful of tahini to your favourite recipe. We love adding it to ingredients like banana, cocoa powder, medjool dates and cinnamon – yum! 

Ready to feel inspired? Give these easy recipes a go:

Whether you’re after a tasty savoury dip, nutritious spread or simply want to switch up your recipes with something new, this nourishing superstar is sure to become a fast favourite.

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