Feel your best with our health & supplement 2022 winners

For high-quality nourishment that’s got your wellbeing top of mind, our Health & Supplement Best of Natural Award winners hit the mark. Leading the way in many areas of holistic health, judges loved the range of innovative supplements from Aotearoa brands offering unique formulations and solutions for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for support for your good gut health? Healthy skin? Calm mind? No matter what your wellness goals are, these 2022 award-winners have your back.

Wild Dispensary Rest & Calm

Winner Stress, Sleep,  Mood: Wild Dispensary Rest & Calm

These relaxing liquid herbs work synergistically to support both daytime calmness and easy sleep at bedtime. So you can get the most out of your sleep and start your day feeling top notch.

  • Chamomile and Californian poppy for a calm mind
  • A nervine tonic when you’re under pressure
  • Organic NZ grown herbs
  • Convenient dropper bottle for handbag or bedside table

What the judges loved:

“Love this product so much, I slept so well and find it really useful day-to-day. Awesome locally sourced herbs and a send-back scheme for bottles.” - Liz McNamara

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Runner up: Artemis De-Stress Spray

Looking to support stress resilience and feel on top of your day? This relaxing herbal spray is one to keep in your bag on the go. All you need is three sprays of this expertly formulated combo of nerve tonic, adaptogen and calming herbs.

MenoMe LotsaLocks

Winner Hair, Skin, Nails: MenoMe LotsaLocks

A scientifically researched formula to support thick, strong hair from the inside out. And you’ll get the bonus benefits of resilient nails and glowing skin.

  • Supports shiny, healthy-looking hair
  • Contains Biotin, a well-known hair nutrient
  • Ethically sourced and suitable for vegetarians
  • keraGEN-IV® shown to support strong hair follicles

What the judges loved:

“Excellent research-based supplement for hair health - great for hair that feels thick and healthy.” - Rachel Grunwell

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Two Islands Happy Gut

Winner Gut Health: Two Islands Happy Gut

Gut health your #1 goal? Us too. Try this for optimal gut wellbeing – and experience tummy comfort and a healthy microbiome. With soothing herbs for a healthy gut lining in a spiced apple earthy powder.

  • Soothing gut herbs like Slippery Elm, Chamomile and Ginger
  • Prebiotics feed friendly bacteria
  • Glutamine for gut lining integrity
  • Fibre to support regular bowel motions

What the judges loved:

“Great formulation. Feels really soothing and tastes good!” - Sara Corleison

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Runner up: Gutsi SporeBiotic

For a happy tummy, this spore-based probiotic is microbiologist formulated. Being broad spectrum means it’s great to support microbiome diversity, which research shows is key for so many areas of our health.

Flow State NZ Lion’s Mane Pekepeke-kiore

Winner Energy & Brain Health: Flow State NZ Lion’s Mane Pekepeke-kiore

A convenient liquid extract made using NZ’s native Pekepeke-kiore mushroom, cousin of Lion’s Mane, the brain ‘shroom’ - well known for supporting mental clarity and focus.

  • Functional mushroom for brain tissue health
  • Add to a hot or cold drink
  • 50 servings per dropper bottle

What the judges loved:

“Easy to take, great that it's a NZ lions Mane mushroom and love it as part of my morning wake up routine.” - Liz McNamara

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Norish NutriDense Smoothie Booster

Winner Kid's Wellbeing: Norish NutriDense Smoothie Booster

Up your smoothie game - this powder is ideal to fill any nutritional gaps for your little ones, especially if you have fussy eaters in the family.

  • Jam packed with superfood goodness
  • Rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients
  • Nutrient-dense quinoa, chia, blueberry and collagen
  • Easy to prepare

What the judges loved:

“Love that this is a wholefood kid’s product with no additives, yum! I’m using it a lot to bump up nutrition.” - Sara Corleison

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Runner up: NuZest Kids Good Stuff

This powder offers an amazing balance of both deliciousness and nutrient-dense superfoods – it's a win for parents who want to up their kid's nutrition. And it has flavour options to suit the most discerning tastes, try Vanilla Caramel, Wild Strawberry or Rich Chocolate.

Our wellness starts from the inside out. No matter what your holistic health goals are, our 2022 Best of Natural Health & Supplement winners are here to give you a helping hand.

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