Your daily dose of Vitamin D: Our top picks for every season

Our top picks for your daily dose of vitamin d

If you’re thinking about taking a Vitamin D supplement it makes sense to choose the active D3 (Cholecalciferol) form rather than D2. It’s in a more useable form for the body. Looking for a Vitamin D the whole family can take? To keep things nice and simple, choose a  kids Vitamin D and then adjust the dose for adult family members. There are plenty of options to suit your needs - capsules, tablets, liquid sprays, drops, dissolvables, and chewables. 

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  • Best tasting vitamin D chews
  • Best dissolvable vitamin D plus K
  • Best vegan Vitamin D
  • Best Vitamin D chew on-the-go
  • Best micro-lingual Vitamin D
  • Best wholefood sourced Vitamin D
  • Best Calcium and Vit D for bones
  • Best child-friendly vitmain d support

  • Getting the most out of your Vitamin D supplement

    Vitamin D can be absorbed under the tongue and inside the cheek, through the membranes of the mouth.  This makes liquids, chewables and dissolvables a great option for easy absorption. Most  adult Vitamin D supplements offer 1,000 IU or 25 mcg per dose, it’s handy to remember that 1,000 IU = 25 mcg. If you tend to forget to take your supplements, try going for a delicious one (check for positive reviews about taste) – it will become a treat you look forward to.

    Coffee and caffeine can affect Vitamin D absorption (amongst other nutrients) so make sure you separate your supplements from your morning cuppa.  Vitamin D can be taken any time of day, there’s no research that shows better absorption at a particular time. Consuming fat alongside Vitamin D does show an increase in absorption, so if you want the very best out of your supplement take it with a meal that contains healthy fats.

    BioBalance Vitamin D3 & K2 Chews

    Best tasting Vitamin D chews: 
    BioBalance Vitamin D3 & K2 Chews

    Wellness at the top of your list, but want it to feel (and taste) good? This Vitamin D3 plus Vitamin K2 chew has you written all over it. Quality ingredients in a yummy mango chew - it’s a crowd pleaser.  It offers a high dose and the most bioavailable forms of D3 and K2, making it easy for your body to use and key for bone health. BioBalance is a Mindful Brand - these mango delights come in a sustainable glass bottle (glass is infinitely recyclable). What’s more, at $14.90 for two months’ supply –that’s exceptional value for money. Looking for a family friendly option too? BioBalance Vitamin D3 and K2 it’s suitable for children over 3.

    • Yummy mango flavoured D3 plus K2 chews
    • Suitable for the whole family - children over 3
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    Clinicians Sunshine Vitamin D3 With Vitamin K2

    Best dissolvable Vitamin D plus vitamin K: 
    Clinicians Sunshine Vitamin D3 With Vitamin K2

    As we know,  Vitamin D is key for healthy bone mineralisation. Vitamin K is too – it plays a synergistic role with Vitamin D to support healthy, strong bones. They work together in the body, so, it makes sense to combine Vitamin D with Vitamin K. These dissolvable tablets melt in your mouth and deliver an excellent daily dose of Vitamin D3 (25 mcg) and Vitamin K2 (90 mcg) per tab. They’re free from dairy, gluten and sugar.

    • High dose vitamin D3 with added K2
    • Dissolved under the tongue for fast absorption
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    BePure Vit D Restore Capsules

    Best Vegan Vitamin D: 
    BePure Vit D Restore Capsules

    After a plant-based option? These capsules are for you. Delivering a high dose of vegan vitamin D3 with added vitamin K2 for optimal calcium support.

    • High dose of 1000 IU of vitamin D in an easy to take one-a-day formula.
    • D3 with added K2 in easy-to-swallow capsule form
    • High dose 1000 IU of vitamin D3 per dose
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    Radiance Vitamin D3 Chews

    Best Vitamin D chews on-the-go: 
    Radiance Vitamin D3 Chews

    This chewable Vitamin D has a yummy, natural berry flavour. One tablet gives 1000 IU of the active vitamin D3 form. The eco-friendly aluminium jar is reusable and easily recyclable which is an added bonus. They’re delicious and naturally sweetened with xylitol - making them a great sugar free option.  These chews have positive reviews for taste, so if you sometimes forget to take your supplements, this is the one to go for – you'll look forward to your tangy berry chew.

    • Tasty chews with 0% sugar
    • Suitable for the whole family – children over 2
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    Good Health Vitamin D3 Micro-Lingual

    Best micro-lingual vitamin D: 
    Good Health Vitamin D3 Micro-Lingual

    Looking for a small yet delicious tablet that dissolves in the mouth for fast absorption? Look no more. This Good Health Micro-Lingual has 5-starsreviews - they're a customer favourite. With a tasty orange flavour and no added sugar, they dissolve in the mouth for your daily dose of vitamin D3.

    • Micro-lingual tab dissolves easily under the tongue
    • 5-star reviews – customer favourite
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    Nordic Naturals Arctic-D Cod Liver Oil

    Best wholefood sourced vitamin D: 
    Nordic Naturals Arctic-D Cod Liver Oil

    After the most holistic option? This wholefood Vitamin D with healthy Omega-3 fats and Vitamin A could be the one for you. It’s  high strength - offering 1,000 IU per 5 ml dose. Cod Liver Oil has been traditionally used for centuries to up the all-important Vitamin D in people’s diets. It’s also got the added bonus of delivering EPA and DHA, the key compounds from Omega-3 that the body can easily use – great for brain health. Like all fish oils at HealthPost, it’s certified sustainable. Cod liver oil is known for its pungent taste, but this one has a natural lemon flavour that helps mask the taste and you only need 1 teaspoon a day – easy!

    • Wholefood, natural source of vitamin D3
    • With naturally occurring vitamin A and Omega-3
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    BioBalance Calcium Magnesium With Vitamin D3

    Best Vitamin D with Calcium for bones: 
    BioBalance Calcium Magnesium With Vitamin D3

    If bone health is your main motivator for taking Vitamin D, this is your supplement.  It has the ‘big three’ for strong and resilient bones – Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D. They’re a nutrient team - relying on each other to do their individual jobs in the body. The combination of these 3 bone superstars is an excellent option to support healthy bone density.

    • Vitamin D with Magnesium and Calcium
    • With added trace minerals for targeted bone support
    Shop BioBalance Calcium Magnesium With Vitamin D3 →

    BetterYou Infant Daily Oral Vitamin D Spray

    Best child-friendly Vitamin D support: 
    BetterYou Infant Daily Oral Vitamin D Spray

    This convenient spray is suitable from 6 months and up. With natural Vitamin D3 in a base of coconut oil, it has no flavours no sweeteners – so you can feel confident knowing your little ones are getting only the purest Vitamin D liquid.  This liquid offers enhanced bioavailability - the coconut oil base provides healthy fats for easy absorption. The daily dose is one spray, which simplifies dosing. It can also be mixed into food and drink.

    • Baby and child friendly option
    • Easy to use vitamin D3 spray
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    When it comes to Vitamin D supplements, we have options to suit every preference - there’s plenty to choose from, check out our  full range of Vitamin D supplements.

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    Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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