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As the silly season approaches it’s a good time to refresh your go-to summer essentials. And it’s the ideal time to indulge in some well-deserved relaxation, while still keeping your health front of mind. 

Why is summer good for you? 

Perhaps the greatest reason we love summer is because it’s great for our health – research shows summer is a healthier season for both the heart and the mind. The extra Vitamin D we get from the sun boosts our serotonin, so we feel happier. Also, physical activity and a relaxed mind can drastically lower stress levels which is excellent for overall heart health. Thanks to summer, we spend more time outside, eat lighter foods, and socialise more – all contributing to our overall wellbeing.

From  healthy snacks for all, to natural  SPF, and probiotics to support your gut health, we’ve got plenty of great options to help you and your loved ones stay healthy during the break. Here are 10 wellness essentials to kick-start your healthy summer.

For your nutrition 

1. Supercharged Superfoods

They’re called superfoods for a reason. These nutrient-rich foods are packed with vitaminsminerals, plant polyphenols, antioxidants, and healthy omegasNature’s Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll is a nutritious option to add to your next smoothie this summer. With the equivalent of 2 ½ cups of spinach in each 15ml daily dose, this refreshing mint-flavoured superfood works to support healthy digestion and the natural cleansing functions of the body leaving you feeling light and full of health. 

For a refreshing drink option this summer, try our chlorophyll cleansing spritzer.

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2. Snacks for on-the-go

Ideal for long beach days and outdoor camping trips. From  Snack Bars, and Savoury Snacks to Sweet Snacks, your choice of nourishing snacks are here.

For a delicious and nutritious treat to take anywhere this summer, try Little Bird Organics Good Macaroons – Vanilla & Almond. These tasty treats are a healthier option to indulge your sweet tooth. They’re also suitable for anyone leading a vegan, vegetarian or paleo lifestyle. And they won’t melt in your beach bag! For another DIY on-the-go snack, why not make our seeded berry-beetroot bounty bars? With a healthy balance of carbs, protein and fat, these bars make a sensational addition to any picnic basket or lunchbox.

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For your body 

3. Cover up with SPF

Protecting our skin against those harsh UV rays is essential for a fun-filled Kiwi summer. And covering up is an everyday must - SPF isn’t just for those warm days at the beach. UV rays can still damage our skin, even on days when it’s cloudy outside. 

Our range of natural sunscreens protect your skin thanks to their active mineral ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which work by sitting on top of the skin to deflect UV rays away. 

At HealthPost, our sunscreen policy means that all-natural sunscreen we stock are free from potentially harmful ingredients and are independently tested to ensure the sunscreen itself meets label claims for SPF levels and water resistance. 

No matter your skin type, our range of natural SPF has something for everyone. Trilogy SPF50+ Omega Boost Sheer Mineral Sunscreen is a non-greasy, non-whitening formula made with vitamin E and omega-rich plant oils like rosehip. This moisturiser and SPF in one glides onto skin smoothly, and is sure to make an easy addition to your day. 

Another top pick is award-winning Evolu Age Defence Protective Day Cream SPF30. With nourishing ingredients like chamomile, green tea and rose geranium, this sunscreen is a gentle choice to deeply hydrate thirsty skin while keeping it sun safe.

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4. Feel fresh with Natural Deodorant

Say hello to good ingredients and goodbye to harmful chemicals with our range of natural deodorants. Aluminium-free with your choice of refreshing scents, you can go natural this summer, and smell great, and with a clean conscience too. 

Our skin is designed with an inbuilt cooling system and sweating is an important part of keeping an even body temperature. When bacteria on our skin breaks down sweat, it can lead to body odour. 

For long days outdoors and being active, try B.BOLD’s Rose & Geranium Deodorant Cream. From staying on skin while you sweat to being packaged in a recyclable glass jar, there’s much to love about this bestseller. Not to mention the fresh, floral scent is sure to win you over. 

After feel-good favourites loved by you? Feel inspired with these 5 top rated natural deodorants.

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5. Hydrate your skin with Face Mists

After a quick option that leaves you feeling refreshed and hydrated? A face mist is not one to miss on your summer list. Face Mists are our go-to beauty pick to help soothe, tone and cool our skin, especially if we’re spending more time out in the sun during the warmer months. 

When you’re on the go this summer, try  Trilogy’s Hydrating Mist Toner. The soothing and cooling properties of Aloe Vera and lavender help refresh our skin after being in the sun's rays. For instant moisture to refresh thirsty skin, a Face Mist will leave your skin soft and supple.

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For our planet 

6. Stay cool with a Reusable Drink Bottle

Stainless steel and glass drink bottles make for a cost-effective and sustainable solution to the old single-use plastic bottle dilemma. During the warmer weather of the silly season, our water intake increases, so opting for a reusable bottle is kinder to both the planet and our pocket. Carrying a reusable water bottle with you is an easy and important habit to start - and you can use it for your morning cuppa too. 

A reusable stainless-steel or glass drinking bottle is a better choice for your health. These materials don’t leach chemicals which can mess with hormones like some plastics do. A glass or metal drink bottle doesn’t absorb residual odours or tastes, so a strong-tasting drink won’t affect your bottle long term either. 

For an eco-friendly drink bottle that you can pack away for day trips that looks good too, try BBBYO’s Bigg Bottle – Woodgrain. With almost 2 litres in one bottle, stay hydrated all summer long with this stylish, easy to clean and super durable drink bottle.

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7. Keep bugs at bay with Natural Bug Repellent

They’re great for aromatherapy, but did you know certain essential oils are fantastic natural bug repellents? Essential oils like  Eucalyptus OilLavender Oil and Citronella all have natural properties that deter pesky bugs, and they smell great too. 

For camping trips and warm nights out, try  Dolphin Clinic’s Citronella – Pure Essential Oil. This oil is famed for its natural ability to act as a bug repellent. When blended with a carrier oil like Jojoba or Almond, this essential oil works well to keep away unwanted mosquitoes. You can even try diffusing pure essential oils when you're outside this summer.

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For your holistic health 

8. Good gut health with gentle digestive support 

Taking care of your digestive system throughout the year is just as important as taking care of it during the summer break. Aloe Vera’s natural healing support properties make it popular for soothing skin irritations, but that’s not the only thing it’s renowned for. It also offers great, yet gentle support for healthy digestion, especially bowel health. 

Aloe Vera juice supports digestive comfort and to ease bloating, providing support for a healthy bowel environment. The juice of the Aloe Vera plant also supports healthy gut healing, protects against oxidative damage, and contains  prebiotics which feed the beneficial bacteria that keep our bowel healthy. 

If you’ve indulged over a few festive treats, banish belly bloat with, Lifestream’s Biogenic Aloe Vera – a digestive tonic that supports healthy intestinal bacteria, which in turn supports the immune system.

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9. Support sound sleep

To support a well rested mind and calm mood, Ashwagandha is a highly recommended herb for both this silly season. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which makes it great support for healthy stress resilience, whether your goal is relaxation, easy sleep, stable mood or good daytime energy, this herb an excellent all-rounder. 

For those super busy summer days ahead, try Radiance’s Ashwagandha Stress Shield. These capsules are great for when you’re on the go, the ingredients have been shown to support the body during stress, help you embrace a happy mood and maintain good energy. Ready to reset healthy sleeping patterns? Give BioBalance’s Sleep Cycle Restore a go.

Want more inspiration? Check out our blog post on our best Ashwagandha in 2023 for your daily calm to find an Ashwagandha product that best suits your current needs.

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10. Optimal immune wellbeing

Supporting our immune health is top of mind no matter the season. Feel empowered throughout the holidays with a thriving immune system. 

There are many different ways we can support a robust immune response – both holistically through good gut health, sleep and stress support and regular exercise, and herbal helpers to have on hand at home.

From Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, to Glutathione, Probiotics, and Zinc, we’ve got high quality options to support your immune wellbeing this summer.

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Bonus essential tip: Unwind and connect

Last, but certainly not least – take some time out for yourself to decompress from the year that’s been. The summer season often means a rise of activities and events, so looking out for your wellbeing and prioritising self-care is key.

Mindfulness looks different to all of us, whether  yoga or meditation is part of your practice, you love getting out for walks, or cooking a wholesome meal for loved ones, take time to unwind and connect.

If you’re looking for some new mindfulness practices, Medical Herbalist and Naturopath Rebecca shares  6 ways to stay balanced and look after yourself these holidays.

No matter what’s on your wellness wishlist this summer, here’s to staying well, feeling good, and having a nourishing season ahead.

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