Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin D: Our Top Picks For Every Season

Vitamin D Products

If you’re thinking about taking a Vitamin D supplement it makes sense to choose the active D3 (Cholecalciferol) form rather than D2. It’s in a more useable form for the body. Looking for a Vitamin D the whole family can take? To keep things nice and simple, choose a  kids Vitamin D and then adjust the dose for adult family members. There are plenty of options to suit your needs - capsules, tablets, liquid sprays, drops, dissolvables, and chewables. 

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Getting the most out of your supplement

Vitamin D can be absorbed under the tongue and inside the cheek, through the membranes of the mouth. This makes liquids, chewables and dissolvables a great option for easy absorption. Most  adult Vitamin D supplements offer 1,000 IU or 25 mcg per dose, it’s handy to remember that 1,000 IU = 25 mcg. If you tend to forget to take your supplements, try going for a delicious one (check for positive reviews about taste) – it will become a treat you look forward to. Coffee and caffeine can affect Vitamin D absorption (amongst other nutrients) so make sure you separate your supplements from your morning cuppa. Vitamin D can be taken any time of day, there’s no research that shows better absorption at a particular time. Consuming fat alongside Vitamin D does show an increase in absorption, so if you want the very best out of your supplement take it with a meal that contains healthy fats.

Our top Vitamin D picks:

Clinicians Sunshine Vitamin D3 With Vitamin K2

For Vitamin D plus Vitamin K:
Clinicians Sunshine Vitamin D3 With Vitamin K2

As we know, Vitamin D is key for healthy bone mineralisation. Vitamin K is too – it plays a synergistic role with Vitamin D to support healthy, strong bones. So, it makes sense to combine Vitamin D with Vitamin K. These dissolvable tablets melt in your mouth and deliver an excellent daily dose of Vitamin D3 (25 mcg) and Vitamin K2 (90 mcg) per tab. People love the taste and they’re free from dairy, gluten and sugar. This is our most popular Vitamin D product. 

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Biotrace Phyto D3

For Vegan Vitamin D:
Biotrace Phyto D3

After a plant based option? These capsules are for you. Sourced from sprouted buckwheat germ, they're vegan and vegetarian friendly. This formula is free from excipients like fillers and flowing agents, plus they’re gluten free. This is a comprehensive formula because as well as D3, it also contains Vitamin K2 and a very bioavailable form of Magnesium (bisglycinate). These three nutrients all work in synergy with Calcium, making these capsules are a perfect partner if you’re already taking a Calcium supplement for bone health. Take one daily with food. 

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Radiance Vitamin D3 Chews

For Vitamin D chews on-the-go:
Radiance Vitamin D3 Chews

This chewable Vitamin D has a yummy, natural berry flavour. One tablet gives 1,000 IU of the active vitamin D3 form. The eco-friendly aluminum jar is reusable and easily recyclable which is an added bonus. They’re delicious and naturally sweetened with xylitol - making them a great sugar free option. These chews have positive reviews for taste, so if you sometimes forget to take your supplements, this is the one to go for – you'll look forward to your tangy berry chew. 

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BePure Vitamin D Restore

For liquid sunshine in a bottle:
BePure Vitamin D Restore

This naturally sourced Vitamin D3 comes in a base of MCT coconut oil to also support healthy energy for body and brain. The eco-friendly glass bottle has an easy to use dropper, you only need a tiny amount (half a ml) of this liquid for your daily adult dose. One 0.5 ml dose gives 1,000 IU or (25 mcg) and it has a mild taste, making it ideal for mixing into food or drink. It’s pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly and one bottle gives a two month supply. 

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BetterYou Daily Oral D Spray

For fast, easy absorption:
BetterYou Daily Oral D Spray

The bottle size makes this so convenient – it's compact enough to slip into your bag or pocket and you only need one spray for 25 mcg of Vitamin D3. This liquid offers optimal absorption because it’s micro emulsified, so it’s easy to assimilate. It’s been formulated to take advantage of the fact that Vitamin D can be absorbed through oral membranes. So, this spray is both easy to take and easy to absorb. Naturally flavoured with peppermint - take one spray under the tongue. 

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BioBalance Calcium Magnesium With Vitamin D3

For Calcium & Vitamin D for bones:
BioBalance Calcium Magnesium With Vitamin D3

If bone health is your main motivator for taking Vitamin D, this is your supplement. It has the ‘big three’ for strong and resilient bones – Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D. They’re a nutrient team - relying on each other to do their individual jobs in the body. These capsules are vegan friendly, with sustainably sourced Calcium from red seaweed ( Lithothamnium sp.), plus Magnesium citrate and Vitamin D3. BioBalance is a B corp certified company – they’re socially responsible and balance people with profits. Check out its 5-star rating to see for yourself why people love this product. 

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Nordic Naturals Baby's Vitamin D3

For child-friendly Vitamin D support:
Nordic Naturals Baby's Vitamin D3

This liquid offers enhanced bioavailability - the organic olive oil base provides healthy fats for easy absorption. The daily dose is one drop, which simplifies dosing. The easiest way to administer is by placing one drop on the breast or bottle teat before feeding. It can also be mixed into food and drink. It suits the whole family, one drop for babies and kids, then simply adjust to two drops for adults and kids 12 years up. As one of our Mindful Brands, Nordic Naturals are committed to meaningful change – they offer supply chain transparency and pride themselves in using environmentally sustainable practices. 

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When it comes to Vitamin D supplements, we have options to suit every preference - there’s plenty to choose from, check out our full range of Vitamin D supplements.

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Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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