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Mindful Brand

Waihi Bush

Organic Flax Original Plus

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Waihi Bush Organic Flax Original Plus is a wonderful combination of foods brought together for this unique blend in order to support winter wellness.  All these ingredients are found individually in nature, but when combined create the perfect blend to support you during the colder and darker months of the year.

Features of Flax Original Plus:

  • Flax Original Plus is a unique blend of RAW, extra virgin flax seed oil, with added Kelp, Vitamin D Yeast, Kale Leaf and Selenium Yeast powders.
  • Flax Original Plus is cold pressed in the absence of light, air and reactive metals and contains Certified Organic Ingredients.
  • Flax Original Plus has an ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) to Linoleic Acid ratio of 3.7:1

Advantages of choosing Flax Original Plus:

  • Waihi Bush take the highest quality ingredients and combine them under very stringent conditions with our rich, nutty-tasting flax seed to give you the best goodness your body deserves.
  • Waihi Bush oils are sustainably farmed, preserving our natural resources for future generations.
  • This blend has been specially formulated using over 20 years of research into the Omega 3 and other natural health foods.

The Benefits of having Flax Original Plus in your diet:

  • Why consume Flax Seed Oil? – A source of the Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) ALA.
  • Why eat Kelp? – it is a good source of Iodine.
  • Why eat Vitamin D Yeast –  it contributes to the normal function of the immune system.
  • Why eat – Selenium Yeast. it is a good source selenium.
  • Why is Kale good for you? – Good source of Vitamin K, which contributes to normal growth and development.

You can be confident Flax Original Plus will provide the best combination of ingredients to support your winter wellness.

  • Do not reheat food containing Flax Original Plus
  • Keep in the fridge for up to 6 weeks.
  • Place into the freezer when purchased, as this suspends the shelf life until you are ready to open it.
  • Do not cook or fry with this oil as it destroys the health giving properties.

Suggested serving size: 15ml (1 Tblsp) per day.

Serving suggestions:

  • Blend into your favourite yoghurt, smoothie, or shake.
  • Blend into cottage cheese, hummus, pesto, or dip
  • Flax seed oil goes well with vegetable dishes such as greens, salads, steamed vegetables, mashed potato, and soups.
  • Mix with fruit and vegetable juices
  • Use equal parts flax seed oil and butter for spreads

Flax seed oil
Selenium yeast

  • Immunity Booster
  • Essential Selenium
  • Essential Vitamin D
  • Kale for Vitamin K
  • Kelp for Minerals
  • Omega 3

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Rhonda Hopkins
21-07-2021 10:25:28
Waihi bush flax original
21-07-2021 10:25:28
We have just started using this on our cereal and find it wonderful. Especially knowing that all the ingredients are a power house

25-05-2021 17:00:18
Rich Flax Seed Oil
25-05-2021 17:00:18
I have switched from olive oil to Waihi flax seed oil for my salads for over a year now. Great way to get my omega3's and its mild taste along with some cider vinegar, cracked peppier and sea salt makes a perfect dressing.

01-04-2021 09:46:40
Excellent product
01-04-2021 09:46:40
We use this every morning, shake the bottle well, as advised on the bottle, before pouring it over our cereal. We notice no unpleasant taste issues at all.

Marcus Broughton
17-05-2020 14:02:07
Prefer The Original
17-05-2020 14:02:07
Thought I would try this as I had previously bought the original flaxseed oil with no additives. Will not buy again as it is very unpleasant to taste. I appreciate the benefits of the added ingredients but it is a personal choice that I far prefer the original. Will not be buying again. There appears to be some sort of ball in the bottle which helps mix up the ingredients but it is quite annoying having to do this each time. Again just a personal preference.

Maria Lolita
05-11-2019 18:30:07
05-11-2019 18:30:07
Purchase this new product by mistake, only noticed that the taste and colour were different, taste almost like it’s gone rancid and there’s very fine green sediment floating around, so I read the product info, they have added kelp to it, and few others, very disappointing that they failed to put new in the search box, that would have help me as well if they put the two original and plus, side by side
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