Argan oil: The superstar beauty oil and 'liquid gold' for your body

There was a time when the beauty world ran screaming from the mention of anything with ‘oil' in it and all the major companies trumpeted the benefits of oil-free products.

However, since those early days we’ve come a long way from our formerly oil-phobic stance on all things beauty. In fact, now we know that the benefits of using oils (particularly natural-based formulations) can visibly improve our skin, hair and nails.

Leading the charge in this oil revolution is the Moroccan hidden gem that’s been likened to ‘liquid gold’ – Argan oil.

Used for centuries by Moroccan locals for its cosmetic, medicinal and culinary properties, the rest of the world is only just beginning to catch on to its full potential as a beauty pick-me-up.

Extraction methods: Why are they important?

If you’ve ever winced at the price of Argan oil on the shelves, you should know it’s because the oil is exceedingly rare, produced only from the fruits of the Argan tree. Otherwise known as Argania Spinosa, this tree is found almost exclusively in a certain area of Morocco where it has grown for centuries.

The Argan tree typically lives for up to 200 years, but it only starts producing its prized fruit about 30-50 years into its lifespan.

Traditionally, the fruit of the tree would be collected in one of two ways. First, women would collect the Argan nuts as they fell during the period from late July through to the beginning of August.

The other process is a bit more unique – the Moroccan mountain goat eats the fruit of the tree and can actually climb up onto its boughs in order to reach it. Once the goats have digested their fill, locals would collect the droppings (which contained the undigested seed of the fruit) and use those to create the oil.

Luckily, extraction methods today have advanced a bit further so the help of the local mountain goat isn’t required. However, when purchasing your own Argan oil it’s important to look out for the products that have been cold pressed.

This method of extraction is more desirable as it means the seeds have been pressed without the use of preliminary heating. As a result, Argan oil that has been extracted using the cold press method is purer and of a higher quality, retaining more of the essential nutrients that make it a beauty superstar.

The beauty oil superstar

The reason why Argan oil is so prized as a beauty product is because of the nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it contains.

Research has shown Argan oil carries many lipids, the structures that form a ‘water barrier’ at the uppermost layer of the skin and help to promote softness and hydration. Argan oil also contains many fatty acids that can promote positive effects in skin, such as oleic, palmitic and linoleic acid.

As if that weren’t enough, it’s a natural source of antioxidant compounds (the substances that are crucial for fighting free radicals in the body) as well as Vitamin E. In particular, Argan oil is a rich source of ferulic acid, a natural antioxidant that is also present in rice bran pitch.

Because its contents are so rich in skin-loving substances, Argan oil is great for moisturising and healing skin and promoting greater softness, elasticity and suppleness.

Its innate properties also make it a great candidate for nourishing dry hair, restoring shine and adding smoothness back to lacklustre locks.

How to use it

Argan oil is one of the most versatile products of its kind. To help banish flyaways and frizzy ends, simply smooth a bit onto the tips of your dry hair. You can also add some to damp hair as an all over treatment and nourishing mask.

If you suffer from a flaky or dry scalp, adding a few drops of the oil before bed will give it plenty of time to absorb before your morning shower.

To aid in softer, smoother skin you can also apply the oil to your face and body. Try using a few drops on your face in place of moisturiser, or afterwards for an added hydration boost. On your body, take a few drops between your palms and massage into your skin using upward circling motions around two or three times a week.

With regular use of this beauty gem, you can help improve the health of your skin, hair and body.

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