Coconut Sugar

When it comes to weight management and maintaining a healthy body shape one of the key guidelines is eliminating high Glycaemic Index (GI) foods from your diet. The GI rating of a food measures the rate that the carbohydrates are broken down by the body and absorbed as glucose into the bloodstream. Foods are rated against the GI standard of 100 which is the score given to pure glucose.

High GI foods have a quick transition to blood glucose, whereas low GI foods are more slowly digested, meaning sugars are released more gradually into the blood over a longer time. Low GI foods support healthy blood sugar levels and avoid sudden spikes of high or low blood sugar which over time can increase the risk factors for metabolic syndrome disorders, cardiovascular disease and blood sugar dysfunction.

The first food you think of with a high GI rating is sugar, right? We all know that refined cane sugar is unhealthy for us and studies are now confirming sugar is a major contributing factor in many chronic diseases prevalent in modern society. White cane sugar is very low in nutritional value and can create a ‘nutrient-debt’ because in order to metabolise and utilise it, minerals and vitamins are used up.

Organic coconut sugar (from coconut palm blossoms) provides an alternative, as a sweet tasting 100% natural sugar that also contains some minerals and vitamins.

One of the most important distinctions between organic coconut sugar and refined cane sugar is their Glycaemic Index ratings:

  • Cane sugar’s GI is a very high 70-100 (depending on how refined it is)
  • Coconut sugar is a much lower 35 on the GI scale

Cane sugar and coconut sugar are both effective food sweeteners, but they are metabolised at different speeds by the body. Energy from coconut sugar is released more slowly than cane sugar, to fuel your body, and may support more balanced blood sugar levels in the blood.

Substituting your usual white cane sugar for organic coconut sugar in baking and dessert recipes means you can still enjoy the sweet things in life as occasional treats.

BioBalance Organic Coconut Sugar is a natural, low GI cane sugar alternative with a lovely, rich flavour and a vast number of health benefits.