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You may have heard about this mighty mineral, but did you know your body needs magnesium for over 300 functions? Let’s unpack why this mineral is so important, how to tell if you're deficient and when supplementation is needed, all the benefits, and choosing the best Magnesium form for your personal needs.

In today’s Choose Well with HealthPost Podcast episode all about Magnesium, we discuss…

  • Who Magnesium is best for and why it’s so important
  • Benefits of Magnesium
  • The different forms of Magnesium
  • Food sources of Magnesium
  • Our Naturopath’s favourite Magnesium products
  • How Magnesium supports healthy blood pressure
  • What nutrients to combine your Magnesium with
  • The dose of Magnesium you should be aiming for
  • And so much more…

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If you have a health goal you'd like support with, please consult a health professional, Choose Well with HealthPost is not intended to be health advice, and the views expressed on this podcast are our own.

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