Immune System Benefits of Colostrum

Your body's ability to fight off common illnesses, infections, viruses and bacteria all comes down to the immune system.

Like your inner warrior, the immune system shoulders all the responsibility for identifying and destroying harmful antigens in your body. As a critical part of the body’s defence mechanism, boosting your immunity can promote better health.

Colostrum contains many beneficial immune factors that have been shown to support healthy immune functions within the body.

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is a special type of pre-milk substance secreted by mammal mothers that contains many antibodies to help stimulate a strong immune system.

It is produced during the late stages of pregnancy and continues into the first few days after birth.

As the first milk that mammals produce for their newborns, it’s packed full with many of the essential nutrients that babies need to survive. In humans, colostrum is secreted in a highly concentrated low-volume form that is easier for a newborn baby to digest.

PRPs and lactoferrin

Proline-Rich Polypeptides or PRPs are a naturally-occurring component of colostrum. They have been shown to help stimulate a healthy immune system by maintaining optimal thymus gland function.

The thymus gland is the source of T-cells, a type of lymphocyte (white blood cell) that is vital to the immune system.

T-cells have the important job of coordinating the larger immune response to infected cells in the body and directly attacking them. To do this, they contain a special molecule which allows them to recognise antigens and whether they are foreign to the body.

Colostrum also contains lactoferrin, a natural antibiotic, antioxidant and anti-viral agent that helps the body fight off infections and other harmful pathogens.

Immune system benefits

With its natural lactoferrin and PRP components, colostrum can help to promote a range of positive effects on the immune system.

As we grow older, our immune systems can become less effective. Other factors including stress, a poor diet and toxins in the environment can also have an impact. When our body’s immune function is threatened, our vulnerability to illnesses can increase and our ability to recover quickly is compromised.

Colostrum can help to boost immunity by encouraging healthy thymus function, which in turn stimulates the T-cell activity that is vital for coordinating the response to infected cells in the body.

The presence of PRPs in colostrum has another important role as well, which involves balancing immune function. When the body is overexposed to allergies or chemical sensitivities, this can send the immune system into overdrive, potentially damaging healthy tissue.

PRPs stimulate T-cells to become either “helpers” or “suppressors”. While helper T-cells lead the attack on infected cells, suppressor T-cells deactivate other white blood cells so that healthy tissue isn’t at risk of being damaged in the fight against pathogens.

Because of this, colostrum is particularly helpful during spring and winter, when more frequent exposure to allergens and the colder weather can lead to an overactive immune system.

Who can take it?

If you’re looking to boost your colostrum intake, supplements derived from bovine colostrum are a great way to get those rich nutrients and PRPs into your body.

As it’s a natural substance, both adults and children can take colostrum supplements daily to help promote a balanced and healthy immune system.

Colostrum may be particularly helpful for children as they often have a higher tendency to catch colds and other illnesses or infections from each other. With its high levels of nutrients and naturally occurring antibodies, colostrum can promote a range of health benefits for everyone, young or old.

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