Jason Shon Bennett - Chapter Five

“When acidic you barely survive, when neutral you are alive but when alkaline; you thrive”

The Acid-Alkaline Balance

What does acid and alkaline mean? The body’s acid-alkaline balance is vitally important to our overall health but is often overlooked when health problems are addressed. Most people have a deep understanding of what ‘being too acidic’ means. We have all known that achy, stiff, grouchy, irritated, defensive, tired, lethargic, sore, painful condition at some time in our lives. Whether it be after drinking too much, overeating, exercising too hard, eating the wrong food for too many days in a row, or having some kind of reaction to chemicals or toxins in your environment. A hangover is a classic overly-acidic body experience.

Oxidation is the root cause of illness

One way to explain this is by using the terms acid, neutral and alkaline. The human body is composed of various organs and parts, which are made up of tissues and cells, which are in turn composed of 16 chemical elements. All foods, after digestion and absorption or ‘burning’, leave either an acid, neutral or alkaline ash in the body, depending on the mineral composition. This acid-alkaline balance is important because all bodily functions; respiration, digestion and metabolism, work best at particular pH (potential hydrogen) levels. Just as fish will die in a fish tank when the water gets too acidic, humans die when the liquid they live in (blood) gets too acidic.

The acid-alkaline balance is crucial

Healthy babies are born 90% water, 7% fat, 2% minerals and a pH of around 7.4. As we age, we generally become more and more acidic. Why? The modern diet is 90% acid-forming; white bread, white sugar, highly refined foods, fizzy drinks, takeaways, processed meats, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. If you can keep your body tissue somewhere around 7.4 then it is very difficult to get sick or diseased. The ideal blood pH level is 7.46 (as shown by studies and research done at UCLA by Dr. Watson). If blood pH moves below 7 or above 7.5, cells stop functioning, leading to cell death and disease. The body therefore continually strives to balance pH between positively charged ions (acid-forming) and negatively charged ions (alkaline-forming). The human body thrives under neutral-alkaline conditions.

What is the biggest way to influence your acid-alkaline balance? Your diet. What do you do every day to influence your acid-alkaline balance whether you want to or not? Your diet.

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