Jason Shon Bennett Chapter One

My Story

Everyone is weird once you get to know them and I am certainly no exception. I was born by caesarean section, two months premature as my mother had developed toxemia. I was a very weak and sick little boy barely three pounds in weight. I know what it is like to be sick – really sick – the kind of asthmatic-attack sick where you think you are going to die and just getting through the hour is all you can focus on. As a child and teenager I can clearly remember my doctor telling me many times “You are an asthmatic and you will be for life. The best thing we can offer is medication. Keep taking the drugs”.

21 years later and still sick

By the time I hit 21 I was still getting colds, flu and coughs every year as they went around. I would be in bed for up to a week at a time coughing, nose dribbling and feeling foul all over. I also had long-term lower back pain which used to just throb and would leave me in tears due to the long deep aching that went on and on. It was always there in the background, even when the acute pain died down. I was still getting asthma most days and had been taking 16 shots of Ventolin most days for many years. I had also developed bad skin issues with pimples and bumps all over my face and body with no seeming rhyme or reason. No amount of medical potions or creams ever worked to get rid of them. To add to all this, I suffered from oily skin, bad digestion, bloating, long-term constipation, fatigue, tiredness and I had allowed myself to get rather chunky. At one stage my weight ballooned to a chubby 80kg (I now weigh a lean and healthy 69kg – as I did as a teenager).

To be blunt, I was a real mess.

The ‘aha' moment

I did want to cure my asthma and all my health problems. I did want more energy, vitality and strength. I wanted to feel young, alive and 100% free of illness. I wanted to be fit, healthy, and energetic, free from pain and to be able to breathe and run around with my kids. I wanted a better life and I wanted to be in full control of it. But I did not want to be taking drugs and the doctors had no drug-free solution so I had to change and look elsewhere. I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about food or its connection with disease at all. This was a really powerful turning point for me because it meant that I had to admit that I had no idea of what to do and that the medical establishment could not help me. I had to open my mind to different ways of doing things. I had been doing nothing; I had handed over my power and responsibility to doctors who told me I was incurable.

I took responsibility

I became totally focused on curing my body of all illness and I realised that I was willing to do whatever it took. The questions I started asking and the answers I got initially went against my thinking in many ways indeed. I thought that my genes were obviously prone to asthma and illness and that all I could do was take the medicine prescribed to me. This, I learned, is called The Local Theory of Disease. It suggests that illness is caused by a single agent acting at a single site in the body, then treating this single agent with drugs. The very first new thing I discovered was another completely different and more holistic view; The Constitutional Nature of Disease. This theory states that illness and disease are the result of multiple systems throughout the body breaking down. If I followed this line of thinking it meant that I could cure my illnesses if I rebuilt my body from scratch.

This is what I then did. It meant a drastic change to my diet and lifestyle and it meant understanding more . The very first step was in learning how much more I ate than I needed to. I started learning about how ‘overeating’ is the single biggest cause of Western disease. We go into this in the next excerpt.

See you in a month!


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