Jason Shon Bennett Chapter Seven

All Human Health Starts in the Gut

Your health profile and aging are ruled by your gut

Your digestive system is the single most important thing you have.  It takes the food you eat; then fuels, rebuilds and repairs every part of your body – every system, every cell.  Your brain is NOT, repeat, NOT in charge.  Your bowels and digestive system are in complete control of your health.  This ‘engine room’ is totally dominant over the internal organs and is the most critical factor in your health.  Many doctors dismiss the notion that your digestive system does much of anything outside of breaking down food, but in recent years scientists have revealed just how inaccurate this thinking is.

As scientists unravel the mysteries of how the human genome is controlled, they are confirming what many natural practitioners have stated for centuries; that many of the signals controlling health come from the trillions of foreign cells that comprise your digestive tract.  If nutrients are not broken down properly and absorbed then your body cannot adequately fuel or repair itself.  You are only as healthy as what you can digest.  Bioavailability is the term for the actual amount of nutrition you get from your foods.  Overeating or eating the wrong foods puts real pressure and stress on the digestive tract, and cause a domino effect of health problems.  Everything suffers, from the smallest cells, to the largest and most critical of organs.

The digestive system affects every body system you have as nothing else will ever do.  If it is working well, then the rest of the body is generally happy. 

  • Over 80% of your immune system is located in and around your gastrointestinal tract
  • A healthy strong gut = a healthy strong immune system
  • Your skin is made in the colon from the food you eat
  • Your energy is created by your stomach and intestines
  • Your bones and muscles are built by your digestive system

You have seven vital cleansing systems; the liver, lungs, lymphatic system, blood, skin, colon and kidneys.  They all answer to your bowel.  All the bodies’ processes are 100% dictated by the health of your gut, colon, gastrointestinal system and bowel. 

This chapter covers in detail every aspect of bowel health; from constipation, liver health, fibre, modern foods and the damaging effect they have, to prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, raw foods, sprouting and fermentation – this chapter is the absolute heart of the book.

Did you know?

The inner surface of your bowels and lungs together are the size of two tennis courts.  The mucous membranes of the bowel and lungs cover about 70% of the immune system of the body.  This is the area and power you have for nutritional absorption.  Ever wondered why when we come into contact with someone sick with the flu, some of us will catch it and some will not?  It will get you if you are not functioning at your best.  This is a test of the strength of your immune system and of the state of your intestinal health.  I used to get the flu three times every year and hay fever really badly before I sorted out my intestinal health.  I now never catch it and I have not had a cold, cough, virus, bug or flu for over 15 years.  I hardly ever sneeze, my asthma is gone, my hay fever has gone, my allergic reactions have gone, my energy levels are high, my skin is clear and my brain is sharp.

If the digestive system is functioning at its peak powers then the immune system is strong and fighting fit.  It all comes back to the ‘engine room’ of the body being clean, clear and regular.  Never underestimate the power of a clean and regular colon.  One sign of a youthful healthy bowel is green no-smell poop.  I have noticed this myself when just eating green smoothies, while fasting, or after water-fasting.  Always remember; your immune system, which fights off all the invaders and foreign threats, is based in your gut, right in the middle of your digestive system.  Your digestive system always tells the truth about your health.  Your appearance, energy and vitality are merely a reflection of your inner health.

The modern diet = digestive problems

Eating constipating takeaway foods regularly damages your liver in the same way that alcoholism does.  Healthy people who eat fast foods twice a day show an immediate increase in liver enzymes, indicating liver damage.  This damage used to be seen only in alcoholics; now it is being seen in children, teenagers and adults all over the world who regularly eat junk-food.

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