Jason Shon Bennett

“I was very sick and I was told countless times how my illness was ‘incurable'. Now I am very well. Don’t buy into the cynicism, you can change your health, you can feel better, more alive, lighter and healthier. You could add 40 GREAT HEALTHY years to your lifespan. You can grow younger. You can live longer. You can transform your life and feel reborn. You can keep up with your children and grandchildren and play, play, play…
The only question is: do you want it bad enough?”

– Jason Shon Bennett

Question Everything

If you could do a few simple things each day that would make a massive difference to how you aged, how long you lived, how healthy you were, how sick you got, how much energy you had, and how young you looked… would you? I used to be very sick with asthma, bowel problems, lower back pain, bad skin, pimples, colds, flu’s, regular hay fever and allergy attacks, cold sores, and deep tired fatigue dominating my life. Now, after 25 years of personal research and trial and error; I am 100% cured. I am 43 years old and I have been clear of asthma and off all medical drugs for 17 years. I am the leanest, fittest, fastest, strongest and healthiest I have ever been. I have not had a cold, flu, cough, bug or virus for over 15 years and I did it the natural way; through changing my diet, lifestyle, attitude and habits.

I Am Just Like You

I am NOT a trained doctor, nutritionist or naturopath. I have no degree or doctorate of any kind. I just hated being sick badly enough to do something radical about it. I have spent 22 years raising four healthy kids; 17 years travelling, teaching and appearing on TV and radio; and 12 years presenting seminars about foods, nutrition and health. I now find myself training naturopaths and having intelligent, highly-trained doctors, dieticians, pharmacists, herbalists and clinical nutritionists asking me for my opinion on health matters. I have lost count of how many times I have been asked “What did you do to cure all your health problems?” That is why I am writing my book. It will cover everything I did and everything I know about health. It is my story and it is my personal lessons from the real school of experience.

Sick, Sick, Sick

I know what it is like to be sick – really sick. The kind of sick where you think you are going to die and just getting through the hour is all you can focus on. When you get that sick it takes over your life and means that everything you do goes through the looking glass of “can I do it?” or “will I be ok?” until you get to the point of questioning your ability in almost all areas of your life. Your entire experience of being alive is dominated and limited by your illness, disease and body health. You are busy trying to stop dying rather than being busy living. Your ability and potential is dulled and the cost of the illness dominates your creativity, energy, expectations, experiences and choices. Everyone has some health issues, they may be minor or they may be all-encompassing, but when you are as healthy as you can be… you can do anything. Someone once said that people want more money, time or prestige. What my book offers is more health. Being genuinely healthy is the single most important thing there is as it gives you the freedom to be anything you want to be, to do anything you set your mind on and to travel anywhere you want to go. To come from my level of sickness and medication, to the health I have now shows what can be achieved through simple dietary changes. It also shows the incredible healing power of the human body.

What My Book will Cover

  • How I cured my asthma, hay fever, allergies and skin problems
  • How I cured my bloating, digestive, weight and bowel issues
  • How to grow younger by permanently slowing your aging process
  • How to prevent major lifestyle illness; cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, mental health decline and more
  • My 20 Golden Rules for youthful health, energy and vitality
  • My simple 31-Day Food Plan (what to eat and what to avoid)
  • How to achieve peak human health and disease-free longevity

Twelve Months of Transformational Health Experience

Each month I will be sharing an excerpt from the book with you exclusively here on the HealthPost Blog.

We will cover each chapter one by one starting next month, with the basics of my story and how I got started. Join me! And for those who would like to participate in my personal 12-month mentoring program just go to and you will get a sense of what I can offer and the experiences of people who have done the program already.

See you in 4 weeks!


Want to read more?  Jason Shon Bennett – Chapter One is available now!

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