Revitalise your skin with a dose of jojoba oil

The beauty world has advocated for oil-free lotions and potions for many years, but the pendulum is starting to swing back the other way now. With oils of all kinds flying off the shelves, consumers are reversing their previous oil-free stance and coming around to the many benefits of this superstar beauty ingredient.

Argan oil and Moroccan oil have both been praised for their transformative effects on hair, while rosehip and avocado oil have started appearing in more topical skin solutions than ever before. However, if you're unsure where to get started with the oil craze, jojoba is the perfect variety to try.

With plenty of skin-loving benefits and naturally hypoallergenic contents, jojoba oil is a worthwhile addition to your beauty routine no matter what your age.

Why go for an oil?

For years, beauty consumers tended to avoid products with high oil content, for fear it would aggravate delicate skin by clogging up pores. However, the right oil can actually be a great way to boost the skin’s ‘glow’ and restore some of that youthfulness as we age.

There’s a reason why younger skin tends to be more oily – as we grow older, our skin tends to produce less oils and this can contribute to some of the visible effects of ageing. The sebaceous glands in the skin tend to start producing less oil in the skin after the onset of menopause, which can lead to increased dryness and itchiness.

The right oil can be a useful way to deliver nourishing nutrients back to the skin, providing a burst of soothing moisture that your skin can drink in more readily than creams or lotions. Replenishing the oil content in your skin can also help balance an overly oily complexion, as the skin can over-compensate for a lack of moisture by producing more oil than usual.

The benefits of jojoba

When it comes to picking an oil that will deliver skin benefits while reducing the risk of irritation, jojoba oil is the natural choice. This light golden oil is made from an evergreen shrub called Simmondsia chinensis.

The plant is native to the Sonoran and Mojave deserts in Arizona, California and Mexico and sprouts thick green leaves with dark brown fruits. The oil is made from pressing the seed kernels of the plant.

Jojoba oil has been used as a traditional remedy for many years. American Indians and Mexicans have used the oil as a hair treatment, for medicine, in cooking and many other tasks, and the beauty world is starting to catch onto this wonder oil’s benefits as well.

The main advantage of jojoba oil is that it is most similar to the natural human sebum we all produce – meaning all skin types are more likely to accept it. Compared to other plant oils,  jojoba is made up almost entirely of wax esters. These are monounsaturated, straight-chain fatty acids and alcohols that have high molecular weights, which makes jojoba oil resemble sebum oils more closely.

It is a prized ingredient in many beauty product formulas as it is a highly emollient skin-conditioning agent, ideal for moisturising the skin. It has also been used as an acne treatment and may help to reduce inflammation and aid the skin’s natural healing process.

With vitamins A, D and E and omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, jojoba oil is a cocktail of nourishing skin-loving ingredients. Many of these nutrients are also antioxidants, meaning they help to protect skin cells (and other cells in the body) from the damage caused by free radicals.

Today, jojoba oil can be used in a variety of ways. It’s a deeply nourishing moisturiser that can help to hydrate and soften skin, while balancing oil content (contributing to clearer skin). Jojoba oil is also non-sticky and lighter compared to other natural plant oils, which makes it ideal for facial massage, removing makeup or even using as a cleanser.

Jojoba oil can help soften rough hands or feet, act as pre-shaving treatment, prevent a dry or flaky scalp or restore shine and moisture to hair as a leave-in or wash-out treatment.

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