Teenage Skincare

Beauty is a state of mind and this comes from a holistic mix of the emotional, psychological and physical areas of oneself. If all of these factors are addressed then we feel confident to go forward in our lives and achieve whatever we desire. A confident person has a warm natural smile, good posture and a sparkle in their eyes which is largely achieved by state of mind.

A healthy diet, enough sleep, exercise, good hygiene and a great skin care routine are all important in achieving the confidence that makes us feel beautiful from the inside out and this is important to establish at a young age.

Oxygen Skincare can help achieve this with a great range of natural products especially designed for teenage skincare. There are so many products out there that contain many different chemicals that can harm our bodies and create problems such as acne, skin irritation, cell structure damage, as well as being absorbed into the organs of our bodies – which is not where we want our skin products to end up! Oxygen Skincare ingredients are beneficial in helping keep our skin clean and clear, which is essential to a teen’s self esteem, as well as having essential oil benefits that help with our overall well being.

Oxygen’s Blemish & Acne Gel contains a unique blend of ingredients, free of chemicals. It has had great results in fighting the all-embarrassing problem of acne with its natural antibacterial, antibiotic and healing properties and is one of our best sellers! For those of you that do suffer from breakouts, it is also very important that you cleanse at night but most important first thing in the morning to remove the toxins released from our bodies overnight through our skin. It is therefore important that we get enough sleep to allow our bodies to rest and rejuvenate and do its work in releasing these toxins that we pick up from our food & environment during the course of our day.

A diet rich in fruit, vegetables and lean protein is essential in running our bodies at 100% as we need the vitamins, minerals, protein and good complex carbohydrates to keep up our energy levels and alertness, needed to help us feel confident and happy. Imagine if we put the wrong fuel in our cars, they wouldn’t run very well would they? Same thing with our bodies; if we continue to load up on junk food then we are not going to run very well either and become sluggish and tired, and this starts to show physically in the form of acne and weight gain. We then lose that sparkle as our confidence decreases.

So the key to being healthy, happy and confident is to encompass sleep, diet, exercise and a natural skincare routine which will then get our bodies running as they should be to create a confident you. Beauty really does come from within so go to it and be beautiful – every one of you has the potential if you follow these few simple rules!

Alana Riley
(founder of Oxygen Skincare)

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