What are your Top Fitness Tips?

Calling all Weekend Warriors!

Winter is here and natural hibernation tendencies suggest we wrap up, stay put & wait for Spring.

But some weekend warriors still relish the opportunity to gallop about in these chilly winter days which seem to emphasise muscle strains and creaky joints.

A top tip for runners is to keep your toenails short to avoid bruised toes.

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Please find below a list of HealthPost customer’s sporting tips.

Your Fitness Tips:

J. Thomas
Aerobics is a GREAT way to keep fit during winter… Set up a DVD and do it during the winter without having to face the weather. Aerobics is also a great calorie burning exercise and the DVD’s are motivational.

Amanda B.
Stretch for as long as you exercise to keep supple and strong

Sandy W.
My Top Fitness Tip that personally works for me on a daily basis is to have my workout gear ready and waiting the night before so that as soon as I wake I’m ready to go, no excuses!!!

Anne W.
If going on a long tramp wear tops with a shelf bra rather than your actual bra as you may find that the friction of the pack straps on your bra straps cause blisters – a shelf bra doesn’t have the straps, so problem solved.

Also when thinking about exercising don’t – just do it. If I stop to think about my daily workout I find every possible excuse not to do it. If I just get up and do it I’m half way through it before I know it.

Sue H.
Make time early morning for your workout. It sets you up for the day and you feel great!!

Careful not to over dress on these chilly mornings, it doesn’t take long to warm up and too many layers are not comfortable.

Kat R.
Shorter workouts with more explosive movements are more effective than long, laborious workouts that hardly get you breaking a sweat.

Think burpees, jump rope, star jumps, push ups etc etc – a 20min circuit of these compared to an hour on the treadmill produces better results!

Kayleen K.
We all have times of the day that we work the best. I’m a night person. I tried doing step classes at 6am before work…it wasn’t happening. It was a chore to get up and go and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I lasted a month before I moved back to evening workout sessions. My tip…find your natural high time and use it to your advantage – you will have greater enjoyment, motivation and results.

Joy H.
Try Floatation therapy with your fitness routine you will absorb mega amounts of magnesium sulphate that will help relax your muscles and detox you.

Marcia S.
Stretch after every exercise to maintain flexibility. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep well hydrated!

Lauren P.
Forget the chronic cardio… it will ruin your cortisol. You can get great fitness levels (and matching body comp) with high intensity bursts (sprints, kettlebell swings, etc) a couple of times a week, some weight lifting (either actual weights or daily weight lifting via toddler-lifting and gardening!), and regular movement (walking, general housecleaning… anything that doesn’t leave you sitting all day). And don’t forget to get some sunshine everyday, too.

Megan W.
Slow Progress is better than No Progress!

I live by that then if I’m not feeling so great I do what I can and don’t beat myself up about it!

Louise M.
Keep track of your results. Every 4 weeks do your measurements or weight yourself. Keep track of these as motivation.

Dawn P.
To avoid running injuries, especially in colder weather, warm up for at least 5 minutes with walking or gentle jogging before going harder. Alternate hard days with easy days of running and take a day off (or more if needed) each week to aid recovery. Keep increases in distance or speed to a maximum of 10% each week and if you feel an injury coming on, take 2 days of complete rest.

Mary T.
Work out in the mornings on an empty stomach and before breakfast so that your body expends energy without using recently digested food.

Megan N.
Best tip I can share is to just do it…start everyday with an excercise routine, do not plan it, think about or prcrastinate, just begin!

Kat M.
If you don’t have a dog, borrow a neighbours dog to take walking. Dogs are so appreciative of walks and it makes you feel good to make an animal so happy so easily. Dogs show us how to enjoy walks mindfully and you don’t even feel like you are exercising.

Rebekah B.
Always bring Yin to the Yang…especially for all you athletes and Crossfitter’s…a Yoga class once or twice a week will enhance recovery, joints and connective tissues as well as inhibit injuries. bplus it’s indoors!

Gaylene H.
Listen to your body and love the feeling of movement.

Anna M.
When running, invest in a quality pair of running shoes to to reduce the chance of injury and to make your run more enjoyable!

Linda N.
Hula Hooping is an excellent way to warm up and warm down before and after exercise and is a great way to work the abdominals. Its fun also.

Kim R.
Pick an event in early spring (half-marathon etc) so that you have reason and motivation to get out and train during the winter. Telling friends you’re doing it will ensure you don’t opt out!

Ross M.Ross M
join a gym
make like minded friends
have fun
get addicted


Lisa S.
When I have that voice in my head yammering on about all the reasons why it’s a great idea to stay inside in winter and avoid my daily exercise. My top tip is to remember and focus on how fantastic I feel afterwards when all those endorphins are surging through my body.

Eliza T.
Always do your warm-ups before exercising!

Jonathan S.
For those serious about fat loss and getting toned, try 20 minute sprint intervals!

1 – Find a hill or flat surface to sprint on, 50 metres or more
2 – Make sure to stretch
3 – Get into the starting position then explode out and sprint to the end
4 – Turn around and walk back to the start
5 – Repeat step 3 and 4. Aim for 7 sprints and progress to 10 sprints and longer distances.

Rene M.
I do DVD workouts, it ensures I do a proper exercise routine. I am naturally slim but I know that if I were to stop working out on a regular basis I would pack on the weight. I occasionally miss a workout here and there due to things that come up, stuff happens and I don’t beat myself up about it. I just make sure I workout the following day. Having a reachable healthy ideal goal weight is also good, I’m about 5′ 8″ or about 173-175 cm tall and I have a goal to weigh no more than 57 kg. So far so good.

Kelly H.
No matter how sore you are, keep moving!! Stretch loads, drink lots of water and make fitness part of your lifestyle

Don’t stop.

Alice K.
I work approximately nine hours a day, 5 days a week in the office in front of the computer. Due to this, I keep moving after work and in the weekends regardless any seasons. I walk 45 minutes everyday from office to home, hit the gym for kickboxing, pumping, zumba and masala 3 times a week for an hour.

I always have Weleda Arnica oil to help me ease the aching muscles.

My tips are keep moving constantly to your own comfort zone and don’t give up.

Miriam J.Miriam-J
Exercise – after time off exercise, remember to start back slow! Always ease into a new programme and start with lower volume / lighter weights or shorter runs before hitting your old training intensity.

Diet – consistency! Healthy eating must become a lifelong habit. Fad diets often result in nasty mood swings and rebound weight gain. Make small, realistic changes to your diet and before you know it, you’ll be eating clean!

Olivia H.
I do pole fitness, and I am always sporting a bruise somewhere on my body.

My tip is to take it slowly, don’t over do it – give your body a chance to recover. Alternate between moves, so you don’t put too much strain on one area – which will result in bruising and pain.

Maja M.
Never underestimate the importance of a thorough warm-up before your workout and stretching afterwards. Also nice for a tired body is a bath after exercising.

Kat M.
It is important to warm up before exercise and to warm down after….to lessen injuries.

Susan K.
Do something that makes your heart sing, if you love to sweat it out do a spin class, if you enjoy nature then go for a walk along the beach – if you choose something in line with the song in your heart you are more likely to stick with it, and increase the feel good hormones at the same time.

Mike K.
1. The first 3-6 weeks of a new fitness regime will probably be the hardest as your body gets used to being active. Hang in there! It will get more enjoyable!

2. If you’re starting to get fit, don’t increase your workouts too much too soon. A good rule of thumb is +10% per week. It helps reduce injuries.

3. Make sure you have rest days in your schedule to allow your muscles time to recover. A rest day could include a walk, other type of light/gentle workout, or even a massage -which is a very easy, healthy way to help detox your body and aid your recovery.

4. Be flexible. If you’ve got aches and pains don’t stick to your schedule just for the sake of it. You can probably still achieve your goal for the week in other ways. For example if your legs are sore from running, don’t go for another run. Maybe go for a swim instead, or a bike ride which uses different leg muscles.

5. Warming down and stretching after exercise is just as important as warming up beforehand.

6. There’s an old saying that you should drink 2 litres of water per day. It’s more scientific to say that you should drink 30ml of water for every kg of body weight. (so if you weigh 80kg you should drink 80kg * 30ml = 2400ml = 2.4 litres). That’s a recommended minimum. If you’re exercising or it’s hot weather you will need more water to replace what you’re losing in sweat.

Sue T.
Walking 5 minutes a day is better than walking 0 minutes a day. Sometimes Just little bits here and there can lead to great long term benfits

Emma C.
I’m about 2/3rds of the way through my weight loss journey. My best tip is that short and heavy free weight sessions really do help with weigh loss and toning. Don’t think that you’re going to get arms like a power lifter – if you increase your weights, decrease the number of reps you do, but exercise like this more frequently, you will increase muscle tone and lose weight faster!

Erika C.
Variety is the spice of life. Applying this mantra to exercise provides multiple benefits. Doing the same old can become a boring chore over time. Running, kayaking, cycling/mountain biking, and walking provide not only variety but each discipline engages different muscle groups, allowing better recovery and reduce tiredness and injury. Participating in a variety of disciplines may also widen your circle of friends – great way for catching up too if time is limited. Have a mat and a few weights in the garage, or a yoga CD for days of inclement weather or if it’s dark outside. Enjoy and have fun.

Liz M.
Keep hydrated and do something fun – roller skating and dancing are both fun and such a good workout.

Wanda D.Wanda D
Regardless of the sport you play, remember to REST REST REST! We are human BEings, not human DOings, and although it is essential we keep moving, sometimes we also need to “just BE”.

Gaileen H.
Start off gradual e.g. rowing machine on lowest till your muscles are used to it and gradually increase as your body craves more and till it doesn’t tire or react the same.
I started quash recently and Arnica is great on sore strained muscles use before and after. Again start off any sport or exercise gradual until your body becomes stronger. Don’t jump into the deep end GRADUAL is the key to success.

Viv A.
Gentle stretching b4 & after sport a must.

Vicki O.
Work exercise into your everyday routine e.g. use stairs instead of lifts, park an extra street away from your destination, volunteer for tasks that get you out and about at work instead of too much sitting at your desk.

Helen P.
Its good to warm your muscles with a 1/2 hour walk before stretching and then playing sport.

Michelle G.
Check your shoes if you start to get sore knees and ankles when running, worn running shoes can cause joint pain.

Jo C.
Do some activity that you like, make a plan (a realistic one) and stick to it, try to get a friend to join you for support. Make sure you know what you are doing before you start, get advice.

Andrea H.
Training on an empty stomach is particularly beneficial to burn fat; try it!

Sasha S.
For those who don’t like to run, try skipping (the kind you do without a rope). It moves you faster than walking and its hard not to smile when your skipping so your face gets some healthy benefits too. If that doesn’t’ get you smiling, try doing it down a steep hill, this usually ends up with laughter involved and your abs get a work out too. Exercise should be fun!

Julie G.Julie G
You really need to find something you enjoy that you can sustain. For me my biggest issue is no time with full time work and 4 kids so I choose high intensity workouts 3-4 times a week at only 30mins-60min per session. These can be in a gym, at home dvd (Jillian Michaels while your baby sleeps) or just going for a run. Then just try to keep moving as much as possible with your everyday routines and leisure time, change your whole lifestyle.

Katie S.
EAT WELL. Before a training session – whether it be a workout or a long run – make sure you’ve had sufficient protein and carbs. Sounds obvious, but you’ll really notice the difference!

Catherine R.Catherine R.
If you are really unfit and have a great desire to get fit but feel so overwhelmed at even the though of running…just be kind to yourself and start of by just getting of the couch and pacing yourself eg. just a gentle walk around the block, but be persistant and get into a routine, then when this feels easy extend your your route little by little and once you feel up to it, try a gentle jog and build up your programme from there

Joelene Q.
Persistance is my top tip, also make sure you do a mixture of cardio and free weight

Sarah H.
Get together with a bunch of friends a couple of times week and do the cheesy 1970’s aerobic tapes, or zumba, or if you can resist laughing at extreme poses, try yoga or pilates together.

You will have way more fun with others, enjoy it more, keep each other accountable and use muscles that you may not normally be using

Nikki S.
Get dressed as soon as you get up in the morning into your gym gear that way you will be ready to do.

Karyn C.
Keep well hydrated with pure New Zealand water!

Manja B.
I am not a great fitness buff, but for those of us who are not but would really like to try. This is my latest attempt. I have the exercycle sitting in the family room and cycle my way through Shortland Street every night!

Brenda M.
If you are serious about taking up a sport, whatever it is, the first priority I think is get the correct footwear.
Don’t rely on your old trusty trainers, pay a little bit more and get advice from a specialist sports/shoe shop.
Our feet are not the same as they were in our youth, they need a bit more tender loving care than that.
I would suspect many sports have been abandoned by people because their feet weren’t properly fitted.
Enjoy your sports but respect your feet, they’re no good to you if you can only look at them!

Sheena B.
Wear clothing that covers your joints – cold joints while exercising can lead to injuries. So whether thats choosing capri pants that finish just over the knee vs shorts or investing in some exercise leg warmers will reduce the risk of knee injuries over winter.