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Hair loss happens from birth and is completely 'normal' process in humans. 'Excessive' hair loss is characterised by the partial or complete lack of hair growth and usually occurs later in life. Degrees of hair loss vary, but it’s most common cause is androgenic alopecia.
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“Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man - there's your diamond in the rough"

Larry David

Hair loss happens from birth and is completely normal. Excessive hair loss is characterised by the partial or complete lack of hair growth and usually occurs later in life. Degrees of hair loss vary, but it’s most common cause is androgenic alopecia.

Preventing and reversing hair loss is not really an option at present. Who knows, in the future this may change. But there is hope.

A variety of natural health products have been proven to slow hair thinning, help grow new hair or enlarge existing hairs to create better coverage. Most require long-term use as, if stopped, hair loss returns. Some treatments are topical, and activated by being sprayed or rubbed into the scalp, while others are taken in pill form. One of the most popular medical treatments is corticosteroids, which are either injected into the scalp, taken as a pill or applied in an ointment, and are used especially to treat patchy hair loss.

Effective cleansing and moisturising of the scalp can help keep follicles open and create an optimum environment for healthy hair to grow and mature - which controls thinning. Other natural health products for hair loss are formulated to provide essential structural nutrients for collagen formation and repair, these nutrients include MSM, Silica, Zinc and Vitamin C.

Product Reviews

  • Couldn't be without it!


    This product has been so helpful. Taking it on a regular basis , for a number of years now, has kept my mood and stress levels under control. I defiantly know the difference if I run out for a few days. I highly recommend this for anyone suffering mild depressive symptoms.



  • too soon


    Too soon to notice any change yet but my nails have become much stronger.
    Did not know I shld take with nicacin. I am also taking collagen and various other aids.
    Shld be a dont know category to select



  • Totally 100% Impressed


    With a lifetime of soft nails and delaminated (or peeling) thumb nails I have tried many applications to try and fix them. I stumbled across Thompson’s Skin, Hair and Nails while browsing Healthposts site one day and read the reviews. SO GLAD I took the leap of faith and ordered these tablets!
    With low expectations I was prepared to give it a go thinking it would take two bottles minimum to notice a bit of a result. How wrong was I ... half way through the first bottle I noticed a significant difference.... split nails are no longer.. I have much stronger nails with length I haven’t been able to achieve without Shellac’s previously.
    I am not a serial reviewer but this product has made such a difference to my nails that I thought it important to share.... it has 100% worked for me - one tablet morning and night. I’m super impressed with the results in such a relatively short time ... I started with the smaller bottle but have just ordered the large bottle as it is better value. Delivery was super quick and Healthpost is a site I constantly recommend to family and friends



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