The new Lifemum range of micronutrients has been clinically formulated by Dr Emma Parry to work in harmony with every stage of your pregnancy and beyond. The range contains 9 products to choose from including 2 multi’s with Choline, vital support for baby’s brain development.

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Being prepared for pregnancy can mean better outcomes for mum and baby. It can take a couple of months to get our nutrient levels right for healthy conception and very early stage pregnancy when many important foetal structures are developing. Whether trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding it really is all about what we eat.

Recent research shows choline is vital to support baby’s brain development but yet most pregnant women don’t get enough in their diets to get the required 450mg daily. Lifemum is the only pregnancy range in New Zealand with a daily dose of 250mg Choline in the Conceive and Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy Multi’s to help reach recommended daily intakes. The Lifemum range also has products with clinically researched probiotic strains and algal DHA to support Mum, Baby and Child.

Lifemum is specially formulated here in New Zealand with leading unique ingredients.

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