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  • Works really well


    I suffer with fibromyalgia and live with daily chronic pain and are often sleep deprived so after giving up the antidepressants which were causing me too many bad side effects and I felt like I was walking around like a zombie most of the time,I decided to switch to something natural and 5-HTP has worked really well,better then I could of imagined.I started with a very low dose and now have worked my way up to the 160mg which I take every night and sometimes again during the day as they seem to work better for me taking twice a day. without any side effects and a much better sleep.These are very affordable and Healthpost has such awesome service,always one very happy customer so thanks heaps.



  • Not so great


    After discussing with a friend I think the dosage was too high for me to start off with. I had a very bad reaction. I woke up with sweats, unable to concentrate, feeling like I needed to vomit, very light headed and blurred vision. I literally had to crawl back to bed after sitting in the laundry for half an hour with a bucket. I do use other GO Healthy products and do rate them as a brand, just 5-HTP is not quite for me.

    “We’re sorry to hear of your experience. It’s important with all 5—HTP products to start on a lowered dose, as the effect on neurotransmitter production can vary for individuals.” HealthPost Naturopath.



  • After trying several brands of 5-htp to help with mood swings from a brain injury , we have found Clinicians to be the best and most consistent.


    i thought my experiences might help other people so have decided to write my first review. My mother has a significant brain injury from a car accident and as a result has terrible mood swings and rages, sometimes cycling through many times in a day. We tried getting help from doctors but they all seem to be obsessed with ticking boxes. She had been prescribed citalopram previously by a gp but this had no affect on her aggression or her depression so it was stopped in the appropriate way. In absolute desperation I took to the internet to see what could help and discovered 5 htp.

    It helped in a very short time, and in such a significant way that all our lives have changed for the better , we can now go out without tantrums and generally live much calmer lives. We still have the odd burst of anger but it is much easier to cope with.

    We are three months in and after trying different brands, we have found the Clinicians brand to be the best. The most effective way for my mother to take it is two 50mg in the morning and one 50mg along with one tart cherry pill at 10pm.

    i understand that you have to take a break every now and then but haven't had problems to date. i personally can't recommend this product enough and hope other people find our experiences helpful.



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