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Product Reviews

  • Leaking gel caps


    I have been purchasing these for years. They have the best concentration of omega 3 and phospholipids. However the last few bottles have had leaking capsules. I tried storing them somewhere cool but it didn’t seem to help. I don’t know why this is such a problem now but I end up throwing half the bottle out as the gel caps leak and you have to individually wash each pill to remove leaking fluid. It’s gross and disgusting and my hands get covered in the oil. If they can fix the leaking problem then these are definitely the best krill tablets



  • Very good product


    I am taking this product as a preventive measure. My joints are good and I have no health issues.



  • Leaking tablets


    Unfortunately after years of taking these the last three of these have had leaking tablets. This makes them untakeable. Changing to find a more reliable brand.



Wellness Blog

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    By now it is safe to assume that we all know the health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids. But how important are they really? Well, pretty important. People who have more Omega 3 in ...

  • The Cholesterol Conundrum

    Medicine is a strange beast. The process of how medical hypotheses become established fact has to do with our historical approach to scientific inquiry. The great part about science is that it is very good ...

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