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Herb Supplements

Herbal medicine is the world’s oldest form of medicine, and the use of herbs for supporting health and wellbeing dates back millennia. Nowadays it remains as popular a choice for assisting our health as ever, with many herbal products available on the market in a wide range of formats. An extensive range of herbal medicines is available through HealthPost, including herbal medicines sourced from around the world.

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Herbs Info

The use of herbs as medicine is as old as mankind itself. Every culture around the world has its own tradition of using herbs for maintaining and supporting health and healing, and many are still popular today, including not only the Western herbal tradition but those that play a prominent role in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Rongoa of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Thousands of herbs are considered to have medicinal properties, many of which are now backed by research, and considered to impact all manner of body systems and ailments, from stress and the adrenal system to the nervous system, immune system, lymphatics, liver, cardiovascular system and more. These herbs may be prepared in a number of ways, as liquid extracts in oil or alcohol, dried and taken as tea, eaten fresh or dried, or consumed as food.

Product Reviews

  • Excellent product


    Highly recommend this product for gynecological and digestion problems, it has helped me hugely. I have been taking it for a month so far along with a high strength probiotic and I will continue to do so. So grateful a product like this is available and healthpost makes everything a lot more affordable.



  • Relief from hot flushes and low mood


    I've tried a few different products for relief from symptoms of menopause. I've found the Go Meno capsules have helped a great deal. I now no longer have hot flushes during the day. Where I was getting full on flushes, with sweat trickling down my back at least 12 times a day, I no longer get hot flushes. I now just have mild night sweats. The improvements were not immediate, took at least 4 weeks before I noticed anything. Now I am 3 months down the track. I have noticed a vast improvement in mood also.

    I have been taking saw palmetto as well to alleviate symptoms of PCOS so I wonder if together they have been more effective.



  • Awesome!


    I find this calming and helpful in restoring hormone and energy levels. I go with natural products whenever possible and this in combination with other natural supplements have improved my health issues greatly which means I've been able to avoid being medicated with pharmaceuticals long term. I highly reccomend giving these a try!



Wellness Blog

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  • Bitter Plants – why we love them and why you need them

    Historically, bitter foods have been a part of every culinary tradition. In the West, our love of processed foods has meant that bitter foods have largely been exiled from our menus.  Our taste for sweet ...

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