Jason Shon Bennett - Chapter Six

“Fasting is the inner doctor”
– Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine.

Fasting: The Miracle Cure

The very word makes people go strange and accuse you of joining a weird cult dedicated to the worship of thin celebrities or the celebration of starvation. This will be one of those chapters where you start reading it thinking “this guy is a total nut job”. Hopefully by the time you finish the chapter you will just have me rated as a ‘total health-freak’ where I belong! To start with, I am not initially recommending fasting on water alone (but we will cover this later). The fasting I recommend is based on receiving a full healthy nutritional intake right throughout the fast. For most people, fasting the way I recommend gives you more nutrition than you usually get, not less. You drink living, freshly-made vegetable juice, with additional green superfoods such as spirulina, barley grass, or chlorella (if desired). I have fasted many times over the last 25 years and I have had the most incredible results from the experiences.

Everybody can benefit from fasting. It is a time for your body to clear the back-log and take a much needed break. There are many nasty toxins that accumulate in our body’s fat-cells due to poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and emotional stress. Before we start though, let’s get one thing straight; fasting is not trendy or in vogue right now due to people having totally the wrong idea about what it is.

The fasting I recommend is not:

  • (a) Just drinking water, losing all your energy and sleeping all day
  • (b) Some kind of ‘anorexic thing’ to avoid food
  • (c) Some kind of ‘get-stick-thin-like-a-model’ thing
  • (d) Some kind of eating disorder that will make you sick
  • (e) Depriving yourself of the joys in life and becoming a ‘misery-guts’
  • (f) Starvation (starvation is very different and damages your metabolism)

Fasting vs. Starving

Fasting is just taking water or liquid-based sustenance over a period of time. Fasting is allowing your body to digest and remove the stored fuel it is carrying as fat. Each pound of extra fat you carry is stored fuel, equivalent to 3,500 calories, or two days food supply. Even if you do fast for a day on water alone, your body has plenty of calories stored to carry you through those 24 hours and probably for another 30 days. Most people have plenty of stored fuel sitting there all over the body! It is not malnourishment or starvation. Starvation is when your body has no fuel, no fat or nutrient reserves, and then you stop eating.

The many reasons to fast

  • To give the body a break from a lifetime of constant digestion
  • To allow the healing of the internal organs
  • To grow younger and wipe out all those wrinkles!
  • To lose weight and return to a leaner, healthier body size
  • To retrain eating habits to a smaller intake of food (portion control)
  • To restart the training of the bowels
  • To prevent long term health problems

This chapter basically takes you through the history, science and practicalities of fasting and how to safely fast for one day to forty days.

See you in a month!


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