Life After Detox – How to Maintain the Glow!

After completing an intensive detox programme there’s a good chance you’ll be feeling clearer, lighter and more energised. It feels really good to give your body a break from some unhealthy habits and experience the benefits! Having more energy and a clear head is great motivation for continuing to incorporate some of the healthy dietary changes you’ve made into your regular daily eating pattern.

There are other lifestyle changes you can gradually include too. In this blog we’ll look at various activities and practices that support and nourish your body, to help you maintain healthy detoxification pathways and a better quality of life.

Food the way your grandparents used to eat:

  • Spray free/organically grown produce where possible. If you can’t afford an entire switch, aim for the foods you eat in higher quantities to be organic, fruit for the kids lunches as an example
  • A higher ratio of vegetables to meat
  • Raw nuts and seeds and good quality virgin vegetable oils like olive oil or coconut oil
  • Wild-harvested, ocean-derived foods for their nutrient value: fish, seaweeds, and green-shell mussels
  • Minimal sweet treats and high-carb snacks – these are “treat foods”, not for every day
  • GE Free, grass-fed, free-range, and minimally processed.

It’s not just what you eat but how you eat

  • Take the time to enjoy preparing all this great, nutritious food you’ve chosen to eat. If you can unwind from the stressful day you are having with a few simple deep breaths before you start eating, the digestive system can be in a more prepared state and ready to break that meal down.
  • If you’re aiming to keep your weight down, a simple trick is to reduce the size of your plate. Over-eating can reduce the digestive power of the stomach acid and create discomfort and bloating.


  • Drink 30ml per kilogram (for example a 60kg person x 30ml of water = 1800ml of water per day). This includes soups and herbal teas but doesn’t include coffee and alcoholic drinks. Drinking purified water helps to reduce our exposure to heavy metals and chemicals in the water.

Having an active lifestyle

  • Choose a form of exercise you enjoy and make it a regular activity. Try to mix high intensity cardio workouts with something more relaxing like yoga or swimming. If you need motivation, see what social exercise groups are in your area. Look at ways you can move your body more, like aiming for over 5000 steps each day, or downloading an app on your smart gadget which give short fitness routines.


  • Vitamin D is a hormone precursor that we need for many functions in the body including detoxification, healthy bones, mood balance and immunity. Sensible sun exposure is important as it is one way that our body receives and converts Vitamin D. In New Zealand and Australia, we must take care to avoid being burnt by our extreme sun so choosing the times of day to expose our skin is necessary, i.e. in the morning or evening in the warmer months.

Learn how to manage stress

  • Stress is a part of life and not always a bad thing. It can alert, stimulate, motivate and excite us. Moderate to high levels of on-going daily stress can interfere internally with hormone production as well as digestion, mood, sleep, weight and externally with relationships and careers. Take steps to deal with the cause, while you manage the problem. High on my list of great tools for managing stress are mindfulness practice, a good night’s sleep, deep breathing and physical activity. Finding something to laugh about and something to be grateful for every day can make a big difference too.

Use herbal allies and good quality supplements

  • Herbal teas can be a great alternative to coffee and black tea. Try simple additions like lemon and ginger when you need a 3pm pick up, liquorice if you’re feeling like something sweet or peppermint after meals. Nettle is rich in iron and other minerals
  • Nutrient-rich superfoods can be easily taken as a tablet or added to smoothies and give an extra boost. Spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, kelp, beetroot, turmeric, and chia or linseeds.
  • Trace minerals, Vitamin C and the B Complex vitamins are important nutrients for healthy detoxification, cellular metabolism, and general wellbeing
  • Digestive enzymes, HCL, or probiotics to maintain and enhance digestive function. Liver loving herbs like Milk Thistle or Dandelion Root can be useful if you have a time of indulgence
  • For specific health conditions or deeper help with your health, consulting a qualified and registered health practitioner will ensure you are on a nutritional programme that is most beneficial for you.

Heavenly detox support

Treat yourself to any or all of these soothing and stimulating methods for supporting health and wellbeing:

  • Have a full body massage or lymphatic drainage treatment
  • Enjoy some quiet time in the heat of an infrared sauna
  • Soak sore and tired muscles for up to 20 minutes in an Epsom salts bath
  • Before showering, dry brush your skin all over with a loofah or naturally bristled skin brush to remove dead skin and encourage circulation.

Make changes gradually so you can integrate them into your lifestyle as ongoing healthy habits and activities. Be sure it’s your choice to change, rather than feeling pressured to do it and start with the things that you enjoy the most and are easiest to make a regular part of your day. That way the changes will last and you’ll maintain that healthy glow and energy for life!

– The HealthPost Naturopaths

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