The global move towards reducing our footprint on the planet is here, and people are looking to gift their loved ones with practical and meaningful treasures, rather than just a gift-for-the-sake-of-giving. The joy is in conscious giving! We want the gifts we give to be appreciated and well-used rather than something that ends up in landfill. It’s our collective responsibility to be mindful, not wasteful, with the planetary resources.

At, you’ll find gifts that won’t cost the earth. We’ve got Christmas wrapped up with clean, natural, organic and sustainable goodies for you and your loved ones. 

1. Eco-living Gifts

If the people in your life aren’t quite on a zero-waste journey, helping to inspire them with easy swaps is a fantastic gift-option this year.

Instead of buying plastic water bottles, which are contributing to an unnecessary amount of plastic waste, a stylish Sol hand-blown Glass bottle is a wonderful consideration. To add to the thought, you could hand-write out some simple recipes for making your own healthy natural cold-water infusions with fruits like lemon, lime or berries, and herbs like mint.

Most make up remover pads get used once and are thrown away, contributing to both an unethical cotton trade as well as landfill. Washable soft Sustainablah cotton pads designed for removing make-up are a great option for Christmas Gifting and work brilliantly as well as reduce waste. They are also great as mini-face-cloths for the little people in your life.

Air fresheners in cars emit artificial fragrances which can be damaging to health. As well as containing hormone disrupting chemicals, they are unable to be recycled. A Dolphin Clinic aromatherapy car diffuser with your favourite oil blend is the perfect gift. Choose a fresh and uplifting blend for good concentration while driving and a fresh smelling car.

2. Secret Santa or stocking fillers – gifts under $20

These are often the worst offenders for pointless, (although fun) gifts that end up in landfill, but not anymore!! Feel good to give these gifts this year - there are so many thoughtful options that are great additions or stand-alone affordable gifts.

For those who love to travel, a travel size Shampoo and Conditioner from Holistic Hair that can be refilled for the next trip is a welcome addition to an overnight case. Our Good Ingredients Approved products treat your hair and the planet with care.

A glass nail file by Hanami is a forever gift – never going blunt and very gentle on the nail and easier to keep clean than disposable nail files, avoiding the transfer of germs from nail file to nails. 

With plastic being found in many supermarket tea bags, this is the perfect time for a reusable tea infuser and some tea leaves. The gift of pausing a busy day for a cup of tea and a mental reset is essential in our busy world. Gift teas that suit the needs of your loved one… ginger or liquorice to help digestion. Chamomile and passionflower for relaxation and stress or to support sleep. Green tea for antioxidant support. There’s a tea for everyone.

3. Gifts for Him

This Sustainablah stainless steel razor is a great zero-waste gift. Completely plastic-free, the only part that needs replacing are the blades. Also, a great gift for her and available in a range of colours. Pair it with a waste-free Ethique Top-to-toe Shaving bar or with Dr Bronner’s Organic Shaving Soap for a 100% naturally clean shave.

A Sol Reusable Cup helps to reduce the millions of coffee cups going to landfill. A great size for a ‘regular flat white’ and easy to clean. He’ll appreciate the stylish and simple gift.

4. Gifts for Her

Award winning NZ made Kiwi Seed Gold Luminous Eye Cream from Antipodes is a beautiful treat for the woman if your life. She’ll glow with this combination of Kiwi Seed, 23k gold flakes and nourishing plant actives to help soften lines and calm stressed skin.

Available in a range of sets and colours, the Hanami Nail Polish Collection Packs include four 9ml mini polishes in a gorgeous gift box. The Hanami nail polishes are vegan friendly, ‘10-free’, water permeable, cruelty-free, and are hands down the cleanest nail polishes we have found available.

Make her a gift pack of nourishing teas from Organic India, who are B Corp certified and doing amazing things in India with regenerative farming. There is a huge range of teas available which all contain the amazing Tulsi – a herb that is restoring and strengthening to the body. Spread the tea love with Tulsi Sleep Tea, Tulsi Wellness Tea, Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea, or Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea.

5. Healthy Gifts

Staying focussed at work and school with Arepa Nootropic powder which can be easily blended into a smoothie or added to yoghurt. It’s a great way to start the new year with a clear head. Made with NZ blackcurrant for clarity, L-theanine for focus and calm, and enzogenol from Pine bark for antioxidant support.

Get friends bio-hacking their coffee with functional mushrooms this Christmas! Functional mushrooms like reishi or cordyceps can be added to coffee to add the nutritional aspects of mushrooms to your morning ritual drink. Reishi soothes the body, nourishing the adrenals. Cordyceps tones the body, supporting stable energy. We love Superfeast, a Bondi Beach brand doing amazing work with sourcing ‘better-than-organic’ mushrooms and herbs.

6. Gift Packs

For the one who has everything, you can’t go wrong with a gift pack! Or, if you know your loved one loves a specific brand, but you aren’t sure which products they use – a gift pack is a great way to introduce them to other products in the range they have yet to fall in love with. The Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Facial Set  is guaranteeing some time-out for a lucky loved one with a steam bath and some clay masks.

New-comer MADARA has created a limited release range, Ocean Love, which utilises packaging derived either from ocean waste or plant-based plastics, reducing the need for newly produced plastic. The Ocean Love Sustainable Skincare Set contains a foam cleanser and a nourishing moisturiser for both face and body.

The Love your Body Kit from NZ brand Trilogy will be a favourite for those who love that fresh rosy smell. With a Good Ingredients Approved Body Wash and Body Oil, you’ll be giving an eco-friendly gift that won’t cost the earth. Having recyclable bottles and packaging is a great value of the brand.

Making Better Choices this Christmas is easier. Be conscious in your consumption this year and look for local brands going the extra mile to give back, have better packaging, or have cleaner ingredients. Instead of wrapping paper, look at recycling second-hand fabrics or scarves, or use previously given gift bags or boxes.

Have a truly healthy Christmas.