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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, celebrating the season of love has never been sweeter. While most celebrate this time with their partner, why not switch it up by celebrating all types of love?

Whether it’s love for your family, BFF, work besties, furry friends, or yourself – there’s plenty of beautiful reasons to celebrate this day. Taking time out to share love and gratitude for the ones we love, including ourselves, is so important – so what better time than now to check in with those we care about and help make their day that much brighter?

No matter who you’re celebrating this season, here are 10 Valentine's Day gift ideas to bring extra joy to their (and your) day.

10 Gift Ideas For Every Love

1. For the one that swoons over skincare: Skin set

Whether they know skincare like the back of their hand or are showing a budding interest, our  Skincare Gift Packs are a wonderful choice to complement their everyday ritual this feel-good season. With natural ingredients that nourish and restore, help them support a healthy and radiant complexion with gift packs full of all the essentials.

From standard size gift packs to add to their skincare shelf, or  travel-size beauties for when they’re on-the-go, we have something to satisfy everyone. Featuring our most loved TrilogyAntipodes and The Herb Farm gift packs, show them you care with Valentine's Day gifts they’ll love.

Antipodes Glow Boost Set

Top pick: Antipodes Glow Boost Set

Nothing beats a fresh-faced complexion than our Antipodes Glow Boost Set. Containing three bestsellers for ultimate skin hydration, support your loved ones’ skincare goals with this superb set. With Vinanza® Grape and Kiwi to deeply hydrate, Kakadu plum to brighten, and hyaluronic acid to revive tired skin, this dynamic trio is sure to be a fast favourite.

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2. For the eco enthusiast: Zero waste razor

Making conscious choices for our planet is at the top of our list every year, so go on and gift your loved one with a sustainable gift that will last a lifetime. Whether they're an eco expert, or just getting started on their sustainable journey, help them on their way with eco-friendly choices. From  Reusable Food Storage and Keep Cups for easy meal prep and busy days, to Zero Waste produce bags and drink bottles, support their values with our eco-living essentials.

Caliwoods Stainless Safety Razor

Top pick: Caliwoods Stainless Safety Razor

This stainless-steel razor is an all-round winner. Welcome low waste shaves free from plastic with this eco-friendly choice. Unlike traditional razors that wear down after time, these loyal buds stand the test of time thanks to their mindful materials. For smooth skin free from pesky prickles, surprise your loved one with this reusable goodie – a wonderful addition to their personal care routine.

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3. For the healthy go-getter: Nourishing tea set

Loved one big on health? For inside-out nourishment that supports their wellness journey, we have a superb selection of wholesome options sure to help them feel their best. For a boost in their nutrition, our range of Superfoods are packed with mineralsantioxidants and healthy omegas to supercharge their day. For a treat on their tastebuds - and their inner health, our Teas, Drinks & Tonics and Mushroom Powders include satisfying options for any taste or preference. From brain health to a robust immune response, there's plenty of ways you can support their wellness goals this Valentines.

Love Tea White Rose & Goji

Top pick: Love Tea White Rose & Goji

It’s in the name, Love Tea is the perfect pick to treat any type of love this Valentine’s Day. Hibiscus flowers, rose petals, and rose hips bring this beautiful botanical blend to life. For a gift idea that can be enjoyed together and feels like a hug in a mug, choose Love Tea.

Not only will it make you feel all sorts of calm, content, and joy, it’s certified organic, formulated by Naturopaths, and Fair Trade.

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4. For the wellness devotee: Collagen

Give the gift of wellness this season with options that help them thrive. Whether they’re big on mindfulness or supplements that support their everyday health, we’ve got your gift ideas covered. Here to support every stage of the journey, we have a wonderful range of swoonworthy options to keep them feeling their best this Valentines.

BePure Collagen & Ceramides + Hyaluronic Acid

Top pick: BePure Collagen & Ceramides + Hyaluronic Acid

For an outer glow that supports their inner glow, this tasty Collagen powder tops the list. Known for offering exceptional skin, hair and joint support, this thoughtful gift idea has it all. Featuring a unique blend of marine collagen, HydroPeach® ceramides - derived from Japanese peaches, and hyaluronic acid, it’s a well-rounded option to surprise your loved one with this season. For extra brownie points this Valentines, we recommend surprising them by adding it to one of their favourite superfood summer smoothies... yum! Or better yet, have a go with our top 5 collagen recipes.

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5. For the self-care seeker: Essential Oil

There’s nothing more indulging than a relaxing moment of self-care. And since we could all do with some self-care right about now, why not surprise your loved one with their favourite  essential oil? For something a bit more rustic but equally as thoughtful, mix with a carrier oil of choice to create a botanical perfume or massage oil for their everyday. For aromatherapy at its finest, your loved one will enjoy using a few drops in their diffuser. From Lavender Oil to Frankincense or Ylang Ylang, nurture a peaceful state of mind with these stress-supporting oils.

Absolute Essential Sweet Rose

Top pick: Absolute Essential Sweet Rose

Support your love's self-care habits with this nurturing and revitalising essential oil. When it comes to tranquility in a bottle, you can’t go past this delightful Valentine’s Day choice. Thanks to the simple combination of Sweet Rose and complimenting oils like Geranium and Cedarwood, this oil works to bring peace and comfort for moments when they need it most. A wonderful addition to their favourite diffuser or bath time ritual.

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6. For the hopeless romantic: Massage Oil

For the ultimate date night, take their breath away with options that will leave them giddy. Treat them to an exciting night with fabulous  massage oils that relax and uplift, or better yet – get cosy with our range of lubricants - the perfect pleasure partner for more intimate moments. For unforgettable Valentine’s Day memories, we’re sure these options will have them raving for weeks to come.

Weleda Harmonising Body Oil - Wild Rose

Top pick: Weleda Harmonising Body Oil - Wild Rose

For an exotic and soothing experience they’ll thank you for, this silky smooth body oil is a keeper. Featuring a delicate fragrance with the aromas of Wild Rose, it’s a glorious choice for all skin types and can be massaged over both face and body. With Sweet Almond Oil to help revitalise radiant skin, and Jojoba to help soften and hydrate, delight yourself – or a loved one, to this wonderful Valentine’s Day idea.

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7. For the cocoa lover: Chocolate

For some chocolate cheer this Valentines, delight your loved one to our delicious range of  Chocolates & Sweets. Whether they’re looking to reduce their sugar intake, have dietary requirements or are the adventurous-type, surprise them with options that will have them going back for more. From toasted hazelnut to white chocolate, who said healthy chocolate couldn’t be delicious?

Loving Earth Organic Salted Caramel Chocolate

Top pick: Loving Earth Organic Salted Caramel Chocolate

What’s Valentine's without chocolate? If you’re keeping to the Valentine's tradition this year, you can’t go wrong with this delicious yet healthy twist on regular chocolate. Undeniably sweet and deliciously rich, it’s a suitable choice for vegans and dairy-free lovers alike. Made by blending organic raw cacao, cashews, coconut nectar and pink salt, it’s a satisfying option for any chocolate lover. Don’t forget to add in their favourite flowers (or handpick them from your garden) for the ultimate Valentine's gift.

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8. For the home artisan: Fermentation Kits

Foodie fanatic in your life? They’ll love our range of Make Your Own  fermentation kits. For the one that loves keeping their hands busy and trying new things, our range has plenty to offer. From kombucha to kerfir, cheese and sourdough, our kits are wonderful for experimenting with. With the addition of easy-to-use accessories to complement the journey, keep your loved one entertained this Valentines with options they’re sure to love.

Mad Millie Greek Yoghurt Kit

Top pick: Mad Millie Greek Yoghurt Kit

Levelling up brekkie time? Whether they're yoghurt-obsessed, or the kitchen is their happy place, this yoghurt kit is here to make their day. With 30 minutes hands-on time, and 6 supplies to make yoghurt in a jiffy - no yoghurt-making experience is necessary with this easy kit. 

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9. For your furry friend: Gentle Shampoo

Let us not forget the most important companions in our lives - our pets. Just like our human pals, our furry friends deserve the same extra love and attention on Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a pup, kitten or other loving animal, we have a range of  pet products to treat them this season. From natural supplements to support their general health to pet grooming tools that ward off unwanted fleas, show your appreciation with options they’ll adore.

Ethique Bow Wow Bar – Solid Shampoo For Dogs

Top pick: Ethique Bow Wow Bar – Solid Shampoo For Dogs

Fur baby prone to fleas? For a happy pup with a clean coat, this beautifully smelling shampoo bar uses natural ingredients that are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Formulated with a combination of Neem,  Tea Tree, Oatmeal and Coconut Oil, welcome soft and shiny fur with this easy to use and pH balanced bar.

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HealthPost Gift Cards

10. HealthPost Gift Cards

Stuck for choice? Let them choose with our e-Gift Cards - a mindful and convenient Valentine's Day gift for the one who has everything. Choose an amount between $20-$500, add a personalised message and we’ll sort the rest. Charm even the pickiest with an e-Gift Card that will make them glee with joy. Better yet, if you’re late this Valentine’s Day – a Gift Card will arrive instantly.

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No matter who you’re shopping for, we have plenty of feel-good options to delight and surprise this Valentine's season. From  eco-living essentials to clean beauty and wholesome recipe ideas, we’ve got you – and those you care for – covered.

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