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Product Reviews

  • Very goog product


    This has been very helpful product. For years I have bee on anracids and proton pump inhibitor which as the years go by had not been really helpful and have had a parasite which made do lots of readings to find out why. I discovered that lack of stomach can lead to many gut health problems and lowers the immune system. Yet the doctos kept saying my antacids have no side effects. So I immesitely stop my PPI and instead started taking betaine hcl starting with 1 at breakfast 2 at lunch and 2-3 at dinner. Now I'm only taking 1 eac meal. I have been doing so for a few months now together with the enzymes and I don't feel the reflux or the sour stomach now. And I can eat the food that used to trigger acid but now without the symptoms. Although I discovered that dairy really causes indigestion for me so now I get away fromthem as much as possible. Unlike before there are so many foods that makes me bloated, feeling sour or acidic. My bowel movement has become regular too, every morning. And most of all I have lost weight and maintained it too. Because I discovered that my lack of stomach acids and digestive enzymes caused me food allergies which in turn made me fat or actually made my cells inflammed. Thanks solgar



  • These Work


    These work well, but they taste nasty :(
    Have something to take the bile flavour away on hand.



  • Complete Sleep and Digestion Plus


    I find your service brilliant. Order one day and delivery 1 or 2 days later. No waiting.
    I placed another order this week and received it very quickly also.
    Regards Suzanne



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