5 pantry staples for a quick flavour kick

Looking for pantry inspiration but not sure where to start?

You can add excitement and variety that go beyond your ordinary grains, produce, beans and pasta.

Elevate your everyday meals with a flavour kick and nutritional boost - with the help of a few  pantry staples – all within your budget too.

I’ve picked some of my favourite flavourful and versatile ingredients that are extra-ordinary - beyond your usual herbs and spices. Transform a regular meal into a delicious, nutritious delight with these must-have, much-loved ingredients.

Urban Hippie Miso Paste

1. Miso: for extra umami

Miso is one of Japan's traditional fermented foods. Made from fermented soybeans, salt, koji and rice. The colour, aroma and taste of miso vary depending on where it’s made, the specific ratio of ingredients and the degree of fermentation.

Miso nutritional benefits

Miso is a fermented food that has an active culture meaning it has beneficial bacteria and enzymes for a happy gut.

Miso taste

Think strong, salty, earthy, umami taste that adds a delicious savoury depth of flavour wherever it is used.

Ways to use miso in your kitchen

Miso is a versatile flavour enhancer in the kitchen, it can be used as a simple miso soup, in  broths and ramens to flavour sauces or stews, as a marinade for meat and vegetables, and even for a uniquely delicious salted miso caramel gelato.

Favourite miso: Urban Hippie Miso →

Biohoney Manuka Honey

2. Manuka Honey

There’s an ever-growing buzz for  manuka honey worldwide – and for good reason. Manuka honey is native to New Zealand where honeybees take the nectar from our manuka trees, this gives the honey special compounds, including UMF and MGO. This humble superfood is a must-have pantry (& bathroom beauty) staple.

Manuka honey taste

Manuka honey tastes sweet like other kinds of honey but instead of having floral notes, manuka honey has a more earthy and woody aroma and taste.

Ways to use manuka in your kitchen

Manuka honey is a versatile natural sweetener for sweet and savoury dishes. What’s the easiest way to use it? Simply substitute it in place of other liquid sweeteners. Manuka honey adds a distinct depth of flavour to elevate your plate.

Manuka honey nutritional benefits

Manuka honey has antibacterial properties for skin, that sets it apart from other honey. The New Zealand native manuka tree flowers give it its antibacterial properties. And it’s now recognised as a superfood – for your everyday meals and healthy skin.

Favorite honey: Biohoney's Manuka Honey →

Chantal Organics Apple Cider Vinegar

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Made from the process of fermenting apples or apple juice, a special yeast causes the apples to ferment and break down the fruit sugar - this produces malic and acetic acids. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has become a well-known food supplement and health tonic.

Apple Cider Vinegar nutritional benefits

Renowned as a health tonic,  apple cider vinegar has endless benefits for your overall wellness. It’s taken as a supplement for digestion and is excellent as a daily tonic – try taking it first thing in the morning or before meals.

Apple Cider Vinegar taste

Apple cider vinegar has sweet, pungently sour, and slighly astringent flavour components.

Ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar in your kitchen

Apple cider vinegar is most well known as a salad dressing ingredient or as a daily tonic but is great for so much more. From making  quick pickled veggies, using it in sauces and dips like chimichurri or salsa verde to adding it in a hot toddy, apple cider vinegar has many uses in the kitchen.

Favourite Apple Cider Vinegar: Chantal Organics Apple Cider Vinegar →

Hemp Farm NZ Grown Hemp Seed Oil

4. Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil is made by cold-pressing hemp seeds to extract the oil, similarly to how olive oil is made from pressing olive fruit. Hemp Seed Oil has a rich dark green colour and wonderful nutritional benefits.

Hemp seed oil nutritional benefits

Hemp Seed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), whichyou need to get from foods or supplements. This makes Hemp Seed Oil an easy, healthy and delicious addition to your panty. Hemp Seed Oil has the ideal 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to Omega-3 making it a fantastic vegan-friendly way to get these EFAs.

Hemp seed oil taste

Hemp Seed Oil has a fresh herbaceous and nutty flavour.

Ways to use Hemp Seed Oil in your kitchen

This versatile oil is not intended for high-heat cooking,so it’s best used in cold or room temperature foods - it can be used in many ways from dipping to  sauce and dressing; it’s delicious in pesto and drizzled over soups and salads or even in smoothies.

Favourite Hemp Seed Oil: Hemp Farm NZ Grown Hemp Seed Oil →

Nutra Organics Chicken Bone Broth Miso Ramen

5. Bone Broth Powder

Bone broth has been used for its nutritional benefits for thousands of years. It has recently re-gained popularity and is great if you’re looking to up your daily nutrition. The use of bone broth dates back to prehistoric times when hunter-gatherers boiled up animal bones that would otherwise be unusable to make a drinkable broth.

Bone broth nutritional benefit

Bone broth is high in protein and collagen and is also packed with minerals. It’s a nutrient-dense super food and is excellent for your healthy, happy gut.

Bone broth taste

The taste of bone broth can vary from a mild subtle flavour to a strong meaty, savoury flavour. It all depends on the type of bone used to make the broth and what flavours have been added. It can be enhanced with any savoury herbs, spices and vegetables like garlic and onions.

Ways to use bone broth in your kitchen

Bone broth is made by boiling animal bones for a minimum of 8+ hours to extract all the collagen and minerals. For a more convenient option - there are many bone broth powders and pastes available making it super easy to reach for in the pantry. Bone broth powders or pastes can be used as a simple delicious soup on their own or as a stock base for soup recipes. Add bone broth to stews or sauces for deep flavour and a boost in nutrition.

Favourite bone broth: Nutra Organics Chicken Bone Broth Miso Ramen →

Chantal Organics Hulled Tahini

6. Tahini

This humble sesame paste will add a flavour hit to so many sweet or savoury dishes, from sauces and dips to baking, and even in smoothies. Tahini adds a silky smooth texture to spreads, sauces, slices, or deciduous simply drizzled over salads or roast veggies. YUM.

Tahini benefits

Not only is tahini deliciously creamy It also makes for an excellent alternative to nut spreads. Tahini is a great source of protein too – with around 4gm of protein per serve.

Tahini taste

Tahini has a mild, nutty flavour with a hint of bittersweetness meaning it lends itself beautifully to both sweet and savoury flavours.

Ways to use tahini in your kitchen

Some of my favourite uses for tahini are in baking such as cookies or slices or combine with lemon and garlic for a savoury sauce.

Favourite tahini: Chantal Organics Hulled Tahini →

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