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Gaze into the future of wallet friendly, women's wellness, natural menopause, mocktails, plant-based omegas, skincare, holistic wellness, and natural supplements. There’s emphasis on affordability, and a big swing towards sustainable choices – so let’s get ready to celebrate your healthy, mindful choices that match your goals.

1. Women's wellness leads the way

Traditionally there’s been little research into world of women’s health, but it’s growing and we’re here for it.

Whether you’re looking for a natural option for:

No matter what stage of life you’re in and what your goals look like, holistic women-led wellness will have a major spot in the natural health and wellness scene in 2024.

Natural menopause

While every woman’s experience of menopause is unique - hormonal changes hot flashes, irritability, mood swing and witnessing changes in weight and body are the most common symptoms often mentioned by women entering the menopausal stage.

Up to 70% women experience significant symptoms – and many want to explore natural options to HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Menopause herbs provide a natural way to support this transition with more ease and comfort.

Herbal favourites like Black Cohosh supports hormonal balance, emotional resilience and cool temperatures – to manage this life stage with more comfort.

You can find these herbs at HealthPost - New Zealand's most comprehensive range of  Naturopath-curated products with 1000+ reviews from women going through this life stage with more ease.

This versatile herb ally walks along women in one of her most important life stages – a trend we can’t get enough of.

BePure Meno Calm

BePure Meno Calm

  • Blach cohosh, hero ingredient - supporting balanced mood and hormones
  • Sage for targeted temperature balance support
  • Supportive blend for menopause and perimenopause symptoms

This has helped me so much. I don’t get that hot glowing feeling anymore and def sleeping better. I’ve recommended to all my friends. A great natural way to support with the symptoms of menopause” – Monique *

Wild Yam cream for hormonal balance

Wild Yam has been traditionally used in many cultures to support health, particularly women’s holistic wellness. As we head into 2024, wild yam cream has been soaring off the shelves for its hormonal balancing support.

What makes it so popular? Beyond its balancing formula, it’s easy to use – simply apply direct on skin – and to integrate in a self-care daily ritual.

Whether you’re looking for hormonal balance or menopause symptom support, wild yam cream is bound to become a new wellness staple this year.

The Herb Farm Wild Yam Cream

The Herb Farm Wild Yam Cream

  • Customer favourite - great reviews
  • Easy to use, apply straight to skin
  • Hormonal balance support

I have been using this for about 3 years and I’m not sure if I’m just lucky or if it’s the wild yam cream but I would definitely recommend trying this for a few months to see if it works for you too. My flushes are only slightly annoying warm ones and I don’t seem to suffer as many menopause effects as my friends.” - Jacqueline S.

2. Sustainable choices

With growing concerns about impacts on eco systems, people are keen to make responsible choices with the environment in mind.

The good news? You’re in good company with our growing range of  Mindful Brands who are leading the way with transparency, environmental sustainability, social responsibility and eco packaging.

This year you’ll notice a growing trend towards healthy plant-based options – a great way to look after both the environment and your health. They’re often more affordable too as they cost less to produce than animal derived products.

And as New Zealand’s leading responsible retailer, we’re all about making your mindful choices easier – and this trend is here to stay.

Top 4 sustainable choices trending in 2024

Plant based protein

Getting sufficient protein is important for your whole health. And there are endless reasons why:

  • It’s used to make your happy hormones.
  • It’s a high satiety food, which means you feel fuller for longer – great if you get cravings.
  • It’s essential for building muscle – especially important as we age.

Favourite plant-based proteins to try in 2024:

  • Hemp protein has the added benefit of being rich in healthy omegas.
  • Pea protein has an excellent amino acid profile to fill nutritional gaps. If you’re into alkaline foods that support healthy inflammatory pathways plant-based vegan protein is the best option.
  • Plant-based protein powder is a healthy and convenient way to up your protein intake.

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

  • Customer favourite plant-based tasting protein powder
  • Premium European golden pea protein
  • Vegan, paleo, free from gluten, dairy and GMOs

This is a product we have used for several years as an important ingredient in our morning smoothie. It is a great source of protein rounds out the flavour in the smoothie.” – Steve N.

Algae omegas

Research shows that omegas support brain, skin, cardiovascular, and joint health. And did you know that fish-based omega-3 comes from feeding on algae – a plant-based nutrient? The good news is you can get algae straight from the source in a sustainable, plant-based form: Algae omegas.

With the growing pressure on global fish resources and the environmental impact of fish oil sourcing more people are reaching for sustainable plant-based options.

Why is algae oil a growing trend:

  • Extracted from microalgae, easily renewable nutrient
  • This makes algae omegas the most sustainable omega-3 supplement
  • Rich in beneficial EPA and DHA, which other plant sources don’t have

These essential nutrients are great daily companions supporting healthy skin, joints, brain, focus and soft aging.

Lifestream Vegan Omega-3

Lifestream Vegan Omega-3

  • Sustainable source of omega-3
  • With added vegan vitamin D3
  • Unique plant source of EPA and DHA

Great, been using this product for a number of years. Have no reflux issues.” - Helen F.

Prefer fish-based omega products? Rest assured, you're making a mindful choice with our  marine sustainability policy. This policy ensures that every product we sell meets independently verified environmental and ethical standards. That means:

  • We only sell marine omega products certified by independent, international marine sustainability groups
  • We only work with brands with strict marine sustainability policies
  • As a result, all fish oil products we sell meet certain sustainability criteria

Sustainable aluminium packaging

Both glass and aluminium are infinitely recyclable, they can be recycled over and over (and over) again. Aluminium is lighter, so transporting is a more carbon neutral option, so it goes one better than glass – unless you choose to reuse your glass jar – even better! More sustainable packaging options is not only a way to make positive environmental impact. It can also be a tool of “consumer-led change”. When companies see the increased popularity of sustainably packaged products it challenges them to adapt their packaging too. Your mindful choices create meaningful change.

Looking for eco-packaging options? Here at HealthPost you’ll find  Mindful Brands that align with your ethical choices.

B Corp certified

Want to make sustainable choices that are the gold standard, globally? B Corp tops the list. An independent certification that recognises brands leading the way in social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

When you shop with HealthPost, you’re choosing with your values. As New Zealand’s leading B Corp wellbeing retailer, we’re proud to celebrate brands that are making an impact and support your ethical choices.

Today, prioritising values in your shopping has never been more important, yet identifying genuinely sustainable practices can be challenging - this is where B Corp steps in.

Read more about  our journey to becoming a B Corp.

3. Holistic wellness

These days we recognise how much sleep impacts our mood, how much our energy impacts our mental clarity, and how greatly our physical wellbeing impacts our joint health. The list goes on – and we always encourage our community to take a holistic approach to their health – especially when it comes to longevity and aging well.

Healthy habits like supercharging a traditional recipe, starting a new mindful practice, and adding functional foods like functional mushrooms and superfoods to your day are an easy way to squeeze in more goodness.

Functional mushrooms

Can’t get enough of functional mushrooms? Us too! And the growing body of research echoes our community’s reviews.

Adding  mushrooms powders into your daily routine is an excellent way to support year-round immune health. Better yet, each functional mushroom comes with bonus benefits worth getting to know.

The most popular ’shrooms:

  • Chaga with its dark colour and bitter taste supports a healthy gut and digestive immune health.
  • Reishi with a long history of traditional use in Chinese tradition, supports relaxation and healthy sleep.
  • Cordyceps supports energy, stamina and athletic performance.
  • Lion’s Mane is renowned for its role in supporting brain health, focus, and mental clarity – and it’s having a roaring moment right now.

Flow State MyComplete Capsules

Flow State MyComplete Capsules

  • Featuring 6 most researched mushrooms
  • Easy to take, 2 capsules a day formula
  • With Piperine for enhanced absorption

I had heard about Lion's Main for brain and when I looked for it this is what I found. Seems to support balance moods for both of us.” – G.E. *

Wholefood powders

We all know a well-rounded diet is key to nurturing every aspect of our well-being. Life throws challenges our way, and stress or rush might sometimes overshadow our commitment to proper nutrition and self-care.

Enter wholefood powders – the uplifting solution to your busy days. Effortlessly mixed into a wholesome smoothie, they become a go-to remedy for those on-the-go moments when life gets a bit hectic. The ultimate add-on to supercharge your everyday.

Vital All-In-One

Vital All-In-One

  • 78 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Great for the whole family (especially fussy little ones)
  • Gluten, wheat and dairy free

I love this greens powder for my daily smoothies. Taste mixes well and so the does the powder.” - Kathryn R.

Antioxidant Sulforaphane

Sulforaphane is a compound found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage and brussel sprouts. Renowned for its antioxidant role, sulforaphane is trending thanks to its benefits in supporting immune health, skin, liver detox, and hormonal balance.

Naturopath tip: To maximise sulforaphane extraction from veggies, chop or crush raw cruciferous vegetables before eating. This easy extra step activates the enzyme myrosinase - converting existing compounds into sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane can easily be damaged with heat so prefer a light cooking method – steaming or raw is best.

Looking for an easy option to get those powerful antioxidants in? You can supplement in a capsule form, with high quality sulforaphane extract.

Swanson Sulforaphane From Broccoli Sprout Extract

Swanson Sulforaphane From Broccoli Sprout Extract

  • Defends against oxidative stress and cell damage
  • Supports gentle liver detox
  • One vege capsule a day, 60 days’ supply

I use this an easy daily support for my skin and health.” - Claudia

4. Mental wellness and wellness rituals

As mentioned earlier, mental wellness is at the centre of your whole health - and thankfully more and more Kiwis are being proactive with their wellness and creating healthy habits that match their goals, lifestyle, and values.

Research-based supplements like  magnesium for sleep and calm is already a staple for most households. The role of this mineral in supporting stress, healthy sleep, balanced mood and support period comfort hasn’t gone unnoticed. That's precisely why magnesium is expected to remain a top trend in 2024.

And beyond taking a supplement each day, adding magnesium and other essential minerals into functional drinks and mocktails are in the limelight. Refreshing beverage with your health in mind? It’s a win-win. Get ready for a new era of wellness and hydration!

Mocktails and functional drinks

Move over traditional cocktails – we're all about functional drinks and mocktails that go beyond basic hydration and taste.

You’ll find one or more functional ingredients like vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids or other compounds in these drinks for an extra boost.

The mocktail mission? Combining refreshment with health supporting benefits – your new affordable wellness treat.

Alcohol free drinks are in growth and it’s ramping up with the addition of botanicals, superfoods, and probiotics for a health kick.

Whether shared with a friend or as a healthy self-care ritual, a refreshing drink packed with health supporting benefits may be exactly what you need.

  • Our favourite functional drinks: Homemade recipes featuring superfoods like barley grasschlorophyllmatcha. Also elevating each drink with a splash of colour.
  • Ready to use functional coffee packed with mushrooms, collagen, MTC oil and nootropics.
  • Bottled drinks featuring fresh plant juices, and botanical extracts

Ready to get mixing? Check out our favourite  6 healthy delicious mocktail recipes – for your next afternoon brew or backyard BBQ.

Arepa Blackcurrant L-Theanine Drink

Arepa Blackcurrant L-Theanine Drink

  • With L-theanine to support focus and calm
  • With antioxidant Enzogenol®, a unique New Zealand pine bark extract
  • Can be used as a base to create summer drinks and mocktails

A wonderful product. Excellent value and great taste.” - Edward T.

Educational wellness podcasts

Podcasts continue to take centre stage for taking wellness into your own hands through discovering educational, empowering health conversations.

Want to tune into the latest wellness trends and research for  functional mushroomsmagnesiumcollagen and so much more? Choose Well with HealthPost podcast is ready to support your health goals so you can choose well.

Choose Well with HealthPost on Apple Podcasts

Getting back to nature

Spending time in nature is a breath of fresh air – and your wellbeing always thanks you for it. Whether you’re struggling with the daily grind, hustle and bustle of daily life, or navigating everyday stressors – nature has a way to relax and reset us.

This mindful practice supports healthy stress levels and a sense of relaxationwith endless mental wellness supporting benefits. And the best part? It’s completely free!

Need an herbal support for healthy stress response? Listen to our  podcast episode 4: Best supplements for stress: Ashwagandha VS Rhodiola - packed with tips from our Naturopaths for how you can build stress resilience and find moments of calm every day.

5. Skincare trends on the rise

Healthy skin on the top of your wellness list in 2024? Us too. Supporting your skincare barrier through a nourishing routine with natural ingredients packed with high-performing actives is a sure bet to support skin cell renew and regeneration.

Skin health and hydration starts from within with a colourful and well-balanced diet. However, high performance skin products with natural ingredients are a game changer that’ll leave everyone asking what changes you’ve made to get your skin glowing.

Trending researched skincare ingredients:

  • Vitamin C supporting hyperpigmentation and skin glow
  • Probiotics for nurturing a healthy skin barrier
  • Hyaluronic acid for supporting hydration and skin plumpness
  • Botanical enriched formulas for a radiant finish – keep an eye out for Pomegranate, Collagen, Kakadu Plum – and our favourite native extracts like Harakeke

How to get a healthy skin barrier?

Ever thought about all the bacteria, pollution, and UV your skin comes into contact with each day? Before you get too squeamish – your skin barrier does an incredible job at protecting you from uninvited guests and keeping the goodness in. With that in mind, nurturing your barrier is essential to maintain hydration, plumpness, and reduce fine lines.

The trend? Multipurpose products with gentle ingredients that take good care or your skin barrier. In particular, highly hydrating creams that work as a seal-in moisturiser for an overnight ritual.

Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food

  • Multipurpose for face and body
  • Rich, deep moisturising formula
  • Enriched with botanical extracts

Hands down the best moisturiser I've ever used. Love that it gives my complexion a dewy glow as well as being super hydrating. A little goes a long way and skin stays protected, supple, and plump all day. Highly recommended.” – Kyra A.

Year-round SPF: your skincare essential

Want to avoid ‘photo-aging’ or the visible signs of aging caused by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays? While we love the  Vitamin D activating goodness of sunshine,. we can easily avoid sun-induced skin damage with daily SPF. Even on cloudy days or in the colder months, daily facial sunscreen protects from age spots, wrinkles and pigmentation that too much sun worshipping can leave.

Heard the glass-skin trend? Originating from the Korean beauty scene, the glass skin trend describes a complexion that's smooth, clear, and boasts a radiant sheen akin to glass. The good news? You can get that glowy dew through a nourishing layer of protective mineral sunscreen.

SPF 50+ Omega-Boost Sheer Mineral Sunscreen by Trilogy

SPF 50+ Omega-Boost Sheer Mineral Sunscreen by Trilogy

  • Zinc oxide mineral based sunblock
  • Non-whitening and lightweight
  • 2 hours water resistant

Glides onto skin so smoothly! And doesn't leave a white-cast - which I appreciate. Definitely a new summer staple for me :)” – Kimmy

Ready to get your hands on the latest trends and most-loved products from our community? Head to our wellness trends featuring exciting new products and launches through the year.

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