Parent Gets Child Ready For School

Supporting the wellbeing of the tamariki in our lives is key to their on-going resilience. And if it makes parents and caregivers lives a little easier, then that’s even better. As our little ones get ready to start the school year, being prepared and building healthy habits sets them up for a healthy, happy year ahead so they can thrive.

Building a healthy routine

We all know kids copy our behvaiour, and they love helping out – in-fact, they often see helping with cooking and chores as play! Keeping children involved in activities around the house like baking or cooking, cleaning up, and being outside, supports learning, family time and overall wellbeing. Play is an important part of development for children.

A daily routine is settling and useful, but more so when there is change - like getting into the school year. Sticking to set activities like watching a show, doing a chore or reading a book together – including usual bedtime and morning routines – can help with communication and quality time, particularly when other parts of your day can feel like a bit of a juggle.

Holistic health for your little ones + our top picks

Kid’s Immune Health

Complementary health can support the body in very simple ways. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and wholefoods, and low in processed foods and sugar has been shown to provide nutrients that help the immune system to function. If your darling is a bit picky and you’re finding it challenging to get good nutrition in, there are a range of supplements to support kids’ immune health including tasty powders and liquids, as well as gummies and chewable tablets.

Top picks for your little ones

Nutra Organics are on-hand with fruit and veggie top-ups in the form of their Veggie Hero and Berry Immune.These tasty blends of superfoods, fruits and vegetables can be easily mixed into juices, cereal, yoghurt, or smoothies and provide a range of natural vitamins and minerals that help support a healthy growing immune system.

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Inner Health Immune Booster

If your little person is known for catching every bug that goes around - Inner Health Immune Booster Kids is a well formulated probiotic designed specifically to support the functioning of their immune system.

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Radiance Kids Gummies Immune

If your child’s diet is pretty good but you want to make sure they’re getting essential nutrients like  Vitamin CZinc, and Vitamin A, Radiance Kids Gummies Immune is here to support. Featuring other ingredients like Elderberry, Vitamin C, Zinc and Honey, it’s superb for supporting a healthy immune response. The natural raspberry flavour is sure to win your kids over and make taking supplements easy-peasy.

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Kid’s Daily Wellness

Covering your nutritional bases is important for everyday health. Children spend a lot of metabolic energy growing and learning, more so than adults, so making sure the goodness is readily available is essential for healthy and happy kids.

Our top picks

Nuzest Kid’s Good Stuff or Zeapure VitaScoop are specially designed for the nutritional needs of children and can be made into a delicious milkshake. Both are fantastic for providing protein, as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals to their diet. Flavours range from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or caramel, so there is something for every tastebud. Kids can take it to school in a double walled stainless bottle for a tasty snack.

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Radiance Kids Eye Vita Chews

As our time in front of screens increases, and our reliance and use of technology for every part of life and learning becomes normal, protecting eyes from free radical damage because of blue light is of prime importance. Our eyes contain high amounts of antioxidant pigments that concentrate in the macula (part of the retina at the back of the eye). Supplying a regular intake of eye nutrients and antioxidants can support the eye from free radical damage.

Radiance Kids Eye Vita chews contains antioxidant lutein, Vitamin E, and beta carotene - essential for good eye health and comes in a delightful blueberry chew tab.

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Kid’s Brain Health

Keeping your little ones focused is no easy feat – especially in the summer heat! Give their mental clarity a helping hand with good nutrition, healthy hydration, and added nutrients.

Our top picks

Shop Clinicians Kids Brain Beams

Clinicians Kids Brain Beams is a chewable tablet containing amino acids which have been researched and shown to support healthy brain function and good learning skills in children thanks to the support for neurotransmitter production that the amino acids offer. Little one running low? This tasty choice is great for supporting mental energy.

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Shop Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Gummies

We can’t talk about brain health without talking about  Omega 3 fatty acids (in particular DHA) which support healthy brain development and the capacity to learn. Nordic Naturals have created a great tasing, tangerine flavourine omega-3 gummy that is a great source of DHA.

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Kid’s Sleep & Calm

Shop Wild Dispensary Kids Rest & Calm - Nervine Tonic

A good night’s sleep is important for everyone, but with the amount of growing and running around that children do, a restorative sleep before a busy day of learning is essential to their growth and development.

Our top picks

Wild Dispensary to the rescue before bed or when moods need soothing with their Kids Rest & Calm - Nervine Tonic. Formulated by a Naturopath & Herbalist, Wild Dispensary have chosen organic Chamomile and wild harvested Californian Poppy to settle nerves, soothe tummies, and calm moods. This sweet and tasty liquid formula can be taken as needed and works quickly.

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Lunchbox friendly staples:

Looking for delicious and healthy back to school snacks? Get inspired with these recipes created by our Holistic Nutritionist, Lena Fischer. Better yet, get your little ones to help you prep these tasty ideas.

After school snacks:

After school is the perfect time to bump up kids' nutrition and help them wind down from a big day of learning. Smoothies and homemade ice blocks are a hit with both adults and children, especially during these warmer months.

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Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.

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