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As we start the year feeling fresh and optimistic, let’s not forget our health along the way. As holidays end, it’s good to check-in and tend to the parts of ourselves that may need some TLC – starting with our nutrition. Indulging every now and again with all the things we love is normal, and if anything – healthy sometimes too. But just like most things, balance and moderation is key. 

As we return to our normal work and school routines, ensuring we maintain this balance is important for feeling our best each day. When we eat well and stay hydrated, we support the many functions of the human body that work to help us thrive efficiently. For 10 delightful options that will do just that, these mindful best sellers from 2021 have you covered.

What makes these top 10 mindful? 

Recognised for adopting one or more of our mindful values: Transparency, Eco Friendly Packaging, Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability, making conscious choices lies at the heart of what they do. For brands that back your ethical values, our  Mindful Brands make it easy. 

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your diet or find new essentials for your nutrition goals, these best sellers are here to nourish and support your wellness. Featuring your favourites; Misty Day Plant Potions Shroom Squad – a fungi-based powder to support good gut health and energy, and Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty with Verisol + C – a delicious powder to support nail, skin and hair health

Welcome thriving health and feel-good days as we round up 10 of our most loved best sellers from the year that’s been – loved and appreciated by many.

10 food & drink mindful best sellers from 2021

Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty With Verisol + C

1. Nutra Organics: Collagen Beauty With Verisol + C

Featuring pure type I and type III sustainably sourced  collagen, Collagen Beauty is a superb powder for supporting a happy gut and overall skin, hair and nail health. Formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients like camu camu and guava, it has a pleasant taste that can be dissolved in both hot or cool liquids – warm cacao or wellness tonic anyone?

Being a household staple for many, Collagen is a wonderful all-rounder for supporting skin moisture levels and healthy aging. Whether it’s already part of your daily ritual or you’ve been looking to add collagen to your diet, you can’t go past this powder.

“It’s an absolute staple in my beauty cupboard!” ★★★★★ - Courtney

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Waihi Bush Organic Flax Seed Oil

2. Waihi Bush: Organic Flax Seed Oil

Looking for a healthy alternative to refined oils? This nutritious oil is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Great in both savoury and sweet dishes, this versatile  Flax Seed Oil is superb for enhancing flavour to your favourite meals.

If you don’t already use this high-quality oil, you’re sure to love the fact it’s cold pressed, unrefined and extra virgin. It’s also terrific for getting a boost of omega 3 in your diet.

Tip: Drizzle over your favourite pasta or tray of roast veggies to elevate flavour. Or better yet, add it to any Superfood Summer Smoothies of choice for a nutritious kick.

“Another daily addition to my diet. It is an excellent oil and so reasonably priced. I add it into my daily smoothie.” ★★★★★ - Jan

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Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Smooth Vanilla

3. Nuzest: Clean Lean Protein Smooth Vanilla

There’s much to love about this delicious  protein powder. On top of being a complete protein, it’s a wonderful low-carb choice for anyone following a paleo or vegan diet. It’s also great for older adults, young children and athletes. Thanks to superstar ingredient – European golden pea protein, Clean Lean helps support healthy energy and exercise recovery.

Whether you’re looking to move your body more this year or have more sustained energy, Clean Lean isn’t to be missed.

Tip: Try it in our Oaty Protein Bites for a satisfying and filling breakfast or pre/post gym snack option.

“Love this product. Easy to digest, tastes great, well sourced.” ★★★★★ - Mk

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Artemis Liver Detox Tea

4. Artemis: Liver Detox Tea

This everyday essential is especially wonderful if you (like us) have overindulged these holidays. Loved for supporting a healthy liver, it’s no surprise that Liver Detox Tea was a best seller last year.

Made with botanical herbs like calendula and dandelion root, Liver Detox is terrific for supporting healthy  cholesterol levels, healthy bowel function and healthy energy. Suitable for both adults and little ones, it’s a wonderful option for everyone to enjoy.

“I have been having a cup of this tea every morning and it has definitely helped my digestion.” ★★★★★ - Heather

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Superfeast Lion’s Mane

5. Superfeast: Lion’s Mane

Feeling the back to work or school brain fog? This Lion’s Mane powder should do the trick. Known for supporting mental clarity and brain healthLion’s Mane is a Functional Mushroom praised for its health supporting qualities.

Used for centuries by monks and herbalists, this fantastic fungi supports nerve growth,  digestive health and a nourished nervous system.

Tip: Kickstart your morning rituals with our delicious Chai Latte with Functional Mushrooms – a delicious cuppa made using Lion’s Mane and a myriad of warming spices like cinnamon and nutmeg - yum.

“This is a wonderful product; I definitely feel the benefits through my day. I put it in my coffee in the mornings and go!” ★★★★★ - Donna

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Neocell Super Collagen

6. Neocell: Super Collagen

collagen powder that does it all? Yes please. Featuring type I and type III collagen, Super Collagen is named ‘Super’ for good reason. From healthy tendons, musclesbones, teeth, eyes, skin, hair and nails, support all round health with this delightful powder.

What’s more, Super Collagen contains specific amino acids like glycine and proline to support collagen formulation throughout the body. For healthy aging that does more than reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you can’t go wrong with Super Collagen.

Tip: If you thought you needed another reason to add this best seller to your daily ritual, our Top 5 Collagen Recipes are sure to seal the deal. From gummies to bliss balls and smoothies, there’s plenty of ways you can enjoy this powder in your diet.

“Best collagen product I have tried, absolutely recommend it.” ★★★★★ - Cheryl

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Claridges Botanicals Barley Grass Powder

7. Claridges Botanicals: Barley Grass Powder

High in nutrients and antioxidants, this superfood has twice the fibre of bran and more iron than spinach. In ancient times, gladiators were said to have used barley grass for stamina and strength – so you can best believe how incredible this Barley Grass Powder is.

If this wasn’t on regular rotation for you last year, you’ll love that it contains an essential balance of  vitaminsmineralsamino acids and enzymes. It’s also rich in beta carotene and calcium.

Tip: Mix it in water, juice or your go-to smoothie recipe - ours is our Green Smoothie Bowl with Oat Protein Crumb!

“I love this barley grass powder. Great for smoothies!!” ★★★★★ - Claudia

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Claridges Botanicals Barley Grass Powder

8. Go Good: NZ Whey Protein Isolate

Boasting a complete BCAA profile, we love that this  whey protein is low in fat and carbs. Fast absorbing and easy to digest, it’s a great protein punch in almost any recipe of choice. Not to mention, it’s wonderful for supporting lean muscle mass, cell repair and a healthy immune system.

Tip: For a lunchbox friendly snack idea, try this protein powder in our Chocolate Chunk Vegan Protein Balls – a quick and easy recipe for busy days ahead.

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Misty Day Plant Potions Shroom Squad

9. Misty Day Plant Potions: Shroom Squad

This best seller from last year is a no-brainer for your daily brew. Containing five  Functional MushroomsReishiChagaLion’s Mane, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps, Shroom Squad is here to nourish and support overall health and vitality.

If it isn’t already, this powder is sure to be a fast favourite. Dual extracted mushrooms that support respiratory,  hormone and cognitive health – all rolled into one easy-to-use powder.

Tip: Give it a go in our Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate Recipe – an antioxidant-rich, refined sugar-free hug in a mug.

“Taking every morning in my smoothie, with raw cacao too. Highly recommended!” ★★★★★ - Gina

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Viberi Organic NZ Blackcurrant Powder

10. Viberi: Organic NZ Blackcurrant Powder

As we wrap this list up, you can’t go wrong with Viberi’s Blackcurrant Powder. Containing the highest levels of  vitamin C and antioxidants, this Blackcurrant Powder is 100% organic, free from gluten and suitable for vegans. What’s more, it’s incredible for supporting healthy energybrain health and cellular health.

Tip: This flavourful powder tastes great when sprinkled over cereal, yoghurt, salads and smoothies. Better yet, try it in our Blackcurrent Coconut Ice recipe for a nutritious treat to cool off with on a hot day.

“I mix this with a greens powder and have it every morning on an empty stomach. Tastes delicious!” ★★★★★ - Angela B.

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We all deserve to feel our best, so consider supercharging your nutritional goals with these best sellers – which deserve a spot on your shelf.

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Better yet, discover our growing range of  Healthy Food & Drink. For a bigger treat on tastebuds or to fill any nutritional gaps, you’re sure to appreciate our growing range. From nourishing Teas, Drinks & Tonics, to superb Superfoods and Healthy Snacks, harness healthy habits with options your body will thank you for. Did we mention we also cater for many diets – Keto and Vegan included?

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